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Best of the Outdoor Bloggers: Fall Roads Archer

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Best of the Outdoor Bloggers

Remember I mentioned a week or so ago I would be going through everyones archives and finding those posts that I thought were interesting and worth revisiting? I found the following post, Saturday Small Game on Fall Roads Archer, really liked the pictures and flow, so I am presenting it here for everyone to view again!

"Working my way back uphill, it began to dawn on me just how many buck rubs I was seeing."

I headed out with my older brother yesterday to do some small game hunting along with some scouting for the upcoming rifle season. I packed my fly rod along to try my luck at the creek that flows through the area we'd be hunting. The old single shot 12 gauge was my gun of choice today, and on a side note may be a winter restoration project, as it's showing some wear. It didn't take long to put the first bushytail in the game bag.

Making my way down a hemlock filled hollow that had a small creek flowing through it, something out of place caught my eye. Upon further investigation it turned out to be the remains of a decent seven point. It looked to be from last year as it was just the skull and a pile of bones.

Slowly making my way down to the creek I flushed one grouse along the way, but it happened so fast there was no shot opportunity. Arriving stream side, I stashed the gun and gave it a go with some streamers for awhile but didn't have any luck.

Getting back to hunting, I worked my way upstream through the woods along the creek. I came across something I'd never seen before in all my years of hunting this area, beaver damage.

Working my way back uphill, it began to dawn on me just how many buck rubs I was seeing. They were literally everywhere. It was the same thing everywhere I roamed today.

Just before noon I put the second squirrel of the day in the game bag. With lots of acorns this year it seems to be a banner year for them.

Not too long after, number three fell to the single shot.

Number four came almost immediately after.

Around two o'clock I bagged my fifth squirrel of the day. The limit is six and is something I've never accomplished. Try as I might, I couldn't put one more in the game bag.

All in all, a very enjoyable day. I ended up seeing five deer and also flushed another grouse along the way. My brother, who was scouting for the upcoming bear season, saw two bears but didn't score on any small game. A great day to be out!

My friends, I hope you enjoyed this installment of "Best of the Outdoor Bloggers," our new weekly series, as much as I did. I want to thank Bill of Fall Roads Archer for allowing me to share his Saturday Small Game with everyone. If you have a post that you are particularly proud of, or if you want to look at your Analytics and check out what your # 1 post is, please feel free to forward it to me and I will gladly post it and link the snot out of it to your blog!

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Anonymous said...

You know I am really glad you posted this post because I don't remember reading it. It sure sounds like you had a great day and one I think I would have enjoyed also.
I like the antler/skull find, very cool.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Muzzleloader Shooting

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices you have been making, Albert! Bill's blog, and Kari's, are two of my go-to blogs when I want a good read.

Take care over there!