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Sporting Classics: Tigers of the Amazon

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Tigers of the Amazon
by Joey Lin

Fly fishing for the spectacular freshwater dorado.

"El Dorado"

An incredible fishing adventure, one that seems lost in time, awaits anglers who journey to these remote jungle headwaters of the Amazon. Situated in central Bolivia, hundreds of miles from any form of civilization, the crystalline waters of Isiboro-Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory teem with giant dorado weighing upwards of 40 pounds.

Very few have experienced the thrill of catching freshwater dorado, often referred to as “Tigers of the River” for their razor-sharp teeth and jaws of steel. Once hooked, these golden-hued gamefish put on a spectacular display of strength and leaping ability.

Natives of the Yuracare and Tsimane tribes have plied these secluded Amazonian waters for thousands of years. Using hand-hewn bows and arrows and crude spears, they stalk the jungle rivers for dorado, freshwater stingrays and sabalo, a big carp-like fish.

Freshwater Stingray, it's what's for dinner!

For fly anglers, the dorado season runs from June through September. Joey Lin has been guiding and outfitting fishermen throughout South America for many years. He currently offers fly fishing for dorado out of Tsimana Lodge in Bolivia.

Visit or contact Joey Lin via:
email at
or by phone: (888) 795-3474.

The Mighty Freshwater Dorado!

Next week! Purdey Shotguns!

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Incredible photos!

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I'm looking forward to the shotgun article!

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Swamp Thing said...

Holy sh*t! I had no idea that a freshwater dorado even existed! Should we count down the weeks until some of the Tennessee Valley bass associations start to lobby to have them added to the local stocking programs?!