Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yo-Yo's for Troops Big Hit With the Brits Too!

Dearest Friends!
As you know, I've been out East a bit and hanging large with the British contingents. As it turns out, they are just as greatful and appreciative as our own boys are upon receipt of some Yo-Yo's! I hope you all don't mind that I shared a few with them, but they sweat and bleed right along side our guys, and I wanted to present them with a small token of our appreciation.
I got a call that that K (Spikessib) Sent a package with not only Yo-Yo's, but some goodies for the troops as well. Dr. Nichols also forwarded some very nice and useful things in addition to the yoy-yo's. They are very much appreciated!
BTW if you do send some odds and ends for the fellows, rest assured that every single item, from powder to chapstick, ziplocks to candies, all of it will be distributed to the troops. If you are wondering what you might send, hunting and fishing magazines are always in short supply, cough drops are very welcome, and babywipes are ever popular!
Thanks again to everyone that has participated, and I am hoping to have a big give-away when I get KAF. maybe even have Stars and Stripes cover it!

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
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Michael Spinelli said...

Mr Rasch,

You are one of a kind. Thank you for sharing your largess with the Lads!

Mike S.