Thursday, September 9, 2010

Largemouth Score: Dad 1, Blake 7

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With only a couple of more days left to me on R&R, I am trying to take advantage of the break and get out there with BassMaster Blake. The kid has some kind of magic touch, because he just reels them in while I flail about helplessly, casting the same lure, at the same retrieve in the same spots and coming up empty handed!

First Largemouth Bass of the day!

Blake's #2 bass...

Number three in hand...

Fourth Largemouth...

Later that afternoon, #5 was brought in...

And shortly thereafter number six!

This four foot cottonmouth
was all I could catch up until that point...

And then this lunker slammed my crankbait!

Blake mercifully quit after #7;
this little but pretty largemouth!

What a great day! We had a blast chasing Largemouth Bass from lake to lake. All in all we covered about sixty miles from where we started to where we called it quits. As I have mentioned before, Florida is just dotted with lakes of all different sizes, and we just headed North stopping at every lake we could legally access.

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The Hunt Continues...

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Trey said...

My son has out fished me a couple of times. I acted like it wasn't fun for me, but inside I was a very proud Daddy!

Swamp Thing said...

I look forward to getting to that point with the little guy (11 months old)!

Also looking forward to seeing "the promised land of 1000 bass lakes" when we come down to SWFL for 10 days in November.

Albert A Rasch said...

It's always great when you can get out with the family and enjoy not only the sport, but their company too.

Best regards,

Bob S said...

That is some good fishing fun with your boy! Though I think you might have qualified that "Lunker" with quotes!

Big Bob