Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogs of Note: Hunt Like You're Hungry!

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I was blog hopping the other day, and I bumped into Hunt Like You're Hungry. I'll tell you what, I like a catchy blog name, and this one pulled me in like a Mako shark to a cute, fuzzy, but oh so tasty baby Harp seal.

I loved the story telling, so I left HLYH a comment and mentioned I would highlight her blog on the Rodeo. But as y'all have already surmised, two blogs in on the rodeo, and I got pulled away to places unknown! Contracting, it's not just a job, it's an adventure...

So here I am making up for lost time!

Image Credit: HLYH
Lisa, the author and editor of Hunt Like You're Hungry, writes well, is an accomplished bowhunter, and has just one wish in life:

"I wish camo could replace all other fashionable clothing so people would stop looking at me funny."

I'm all in agreement with that, though I wonder what Armani could do with MultiCam? Anyway, knowing ladies I could just hear the comments,"Is he wearing Digital? That is so 2008..."

Anyway, after going through the archives, I was surprised that she has only just recently started blogging. But if the following is an indication of where Lisa will go, then I'm going to!

"The ham and cheese biscuit was heavenly. As I took my first bite sitting on the John Deere gator, I felt angel wings flutter on my face and the taste of edible gold on my tongue. All of that ended swiftly when E4 suggest I taste his fatback biscuit. It tasted how bad breath would taste if you could solidify and fry it. A southern delicacy that is lost on this Yankee, fatback is a sodium infused hardly edible patty of pig fat that I will never have to eat ever again."

I'm looking forward to making HLYH a regular part of my daily reading list. She's funny, well spoken, and good lookin' to boot! Doesn't hurt that she's smart and hunts too. And she has some awful cute dogs, and a outdoorsman significant other that she allowed to use her new TC BP rifle so that his buddy could try it out. Suffice it to say that I don't think he's gonna get to do that any time soon anymore... (See Fatback, empty power lines, and biscuits.)

I am sure that you will find Hunt Like You're Hungry as entertaining and informative as I have. Please visit, and let her know what you think.

But seriously, fatback not only tastes good, it's good for you!

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Murphyfish said...

Thank you for the heads up on this outstanding blog Albert.

Wild Ed said...

I always hate the way people look at me and my family when we go in to town for lunch during bow season. You would think we were weird or something in our camo and face paint. ET
Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors

Doug said...

After that review, now I have to check it out.