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Saturday Blog Rodeo 10/30/10

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 08/30/10

Well I'll be darned! It's been a while since we have had a rodeo,and I am still here in Afghanistan, still in one piece, and still sucking dust and eating dirt!No one has yet to answer that one overriding question I have had for a long time: How does Al Gore find the time to keep all this stuff coming up around his Internet?

Anyway, once again I bring to you the Blogs, posts, and commentaries that I found most entertaining and informative! And believe it or not, none of it has anything to do with Brett Favre, Ritz Crackers, or the Liberal Left's failure to use their heads.

Photo credit: G2G
gator hunting
First up on todays Rodeo is G2G Extreme by ... Emily's husband. Ok, so I couldn't figure out his name, but I did figure out that he's got the skinny on hunting, and hunting well! Good stories with great tips, and after action equipment reviews. "I am very impressed with the Ox pack for several reasons and yet I wish I could make a few changes to the design. I've listed my likes and dislikes below..." Nicely done.

Next up is a fellow Floridian, Ian Nance. Ian is a "lifelong resident of Central Florida with a passion for hunting just about anything. He is a Mossy Oak Regional ProStaffer and proud member of NWTF and DU." His Blog, The Wild Life, is one of my favorites. He covers a lot of territory from fishing to boating, camping and goodtimes!

Well, just my luck.

I am working on this and I get the call. I am off to a FOB closer to Pakistan... If I can, I will try to update this, but if it's Saturday, and you're reading this, I'm probably in over my head...

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The Hunt Continues...

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Emily said...

My husband (Troy) will think it is so fun you included his blog here.

Stay safe over there!


Anonymous said...

Both awesome blogs IMHO!

Stay safe and come back soon Albert ☺

Ian Nance said...

Thanks for the Shout Out!!! Stay safe over there!