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Buy Local! Flyfishing Artwork by Blogger Joel DeJong

Albert A Rasch and
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
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It's the holidays, and I have been wanting to post this much sooner. With the ecomomy being what it is, and my desire to help our friends, I wanted to point out and give everyone a heads up on the artwork of Joel DeJong of Year on the Fly Blog.

Daily Flies

On January 1st 2010, Joel DeJong, an accomplished artist, challenged himself to paint or draw a fly for each of the 365 days of the year. Joel started posting one original painting or drawing a day for an entire year. Mixing his love of Fly Fishing with Painting, the posts are centered around the subject of flies, fish, and the art of Fly Fishing. From the Adams to the Zonker Joel hopes to cover some of the best known flies as well as a few of my own creation!

After numerous requests for information of purchasing the artwork he posts on a daily basis, he decided to add a page to Year on the Fly blog that will allow you to purchase an original piece of his Year On The Fly series artwork.

He has made the process simple,  when you see a fly Joel has posted anywhere on his blog that you can't live without, and would  like to purchase,  follow these four simple steps:

1. Email Joel at to make sure the item is still available.  If you have any questions on the piece such as size and composition please ask.  This is very important.  Ask any questions about the piece you desire BEFORE you hit the paypal button.  Joel will try and keep back posted flies updated with a sold status if they are no longer available.

2. Joel will then Email you back if it is available at which point you can return to this page and make a secure PAYPAL payment.  In his return email, before you purchase the item, he will send you all the info you need on the fly including the size and verification of which fly you are asking about.

3. After the payment is made, Email me and again indicate the fly you wish to purchase so Joel can be sure which fly you desire before he ships the item. Please indicate the name of the fly and the date on which it was originally posted for easy, accurate assurance of which fly you desire to purchase. By double checking Joel can be sure that you are getting what you want.

4. You will receive the piece of art work in 7 to 10 business days of payment, at which point you can hang it proudly next to your fly tying bench and tell all your friends where you got it.
The cost is also simple:
Dailyflies are $25 dollars and $3 for shipping. They range in size from the inch and a half to no larger than 8.5x5.5" as of right now. They will come to you with a presized white mat ready for you to place in a frame.  What you are getting is an original piece of art and NOT a print.  Imperfections are a result of the artistic process and they are what makes the piece an original.
The only exceptions to this offer are the larger paintings that include fish. These pieces are obviously more extensive and have a range different of prices. Those special pieces can be obtained by emailing me at .

The Big Fish!

Here is your chance to purchase a quality print of one of the fish that have been painted through the course of the year. Available now in 8x10in as well as 5x7in sizes, these prints would look good over any fly tying bench or on any wall in your man cave.

Leaping Trout

Brookie, Bow, and  Brown
Brown In Hand


Rising Brown

Wide Open Cutthroat

Rainbow and Soft Hacle

Brooks, Browns, & Bows

White Fin Brookie
Red Stripe Rainbow

Flies On Pad
These prints come in an acid free white mat with an acid free backing board.  The 8x10 prints come in a 11x14in mat and the 5x7 prints come in an easy to frame 8x10 print.  Single purchases can be made via the paypal Buy Now buttons on Joel's purchase page.  Paypal also accepts all regular credit cards.  For international purchases, please email me before purchasing so I can work out proper shipping, I will then email you the total cost.  Unfortunately, the paypal button is for US residents only.

When purchasing via the Buy Now button, please type in the name of the print you would like to purchase.  The name of the print is just below the work itself.

Again, here is a great opportunity to buy original hand painted work, and limited prints, directly from the artist. Not only are you spending your money right here at home, but you are showing your love for the great outdoors.

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
Member: Shindand Tent Club
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NorCal Cazadora said...

Very cool! I'm going to share this with my boss, who's an avid fly fisherman.

Wolfy said...

Joel's stuff is GREAT, and very affordable for such nice artwork. It's already on my Christmas List.

Great call-out, Albert!

Albert A Rasch said...

I am going to order one for myself too. I have always loved the vibrancy of watercolor, and the opportunity to own a piece of original art work pleases me!

Best regards,

troutrageous1 said...

Good post Albert, awesome way to support the blogging community.

I can also attest that Joel does awesome work. I've got 3 of his prints and they are 1000x better looking in person - if that's even possible.

Michael Spinelli said...

Lovely work!

Mike S