Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors: The Texas Native Fish Aquarium Project

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Wild Ed has put together a native fish aquarium, and has started to document the native fish he as put in! This is a project that Ed came up with earlier this year, rightly thinking that the whole project, from set-up to stocking, and then the observations, would be an invaluable tool for educating his grandchildren. 

"The Texas Cichlid is the only Cichlid native to Texas and the only Cichlid native to the United States. It is a popular aquarium fish all over the world and under appreciated here at home in my opinion. It is also a popular game fish in Texas and northern mexico and is often referred to as the Rio Grande Perch. The Texas Cichlid is a subtropical fish that lives in the creeks, streams, rivers and lakes of Central to South Texas. Its native habitat is the lower Rio Grande drainage in Texas, and north-eastern parts of Mexico."

Great stuff that we should all be doing with our kids and grandkids! What an opportunity to help educate family and friends on the great outdoors. In fact, this is such a great project, that Bubby and I are going to put an aquarium together when I get home next year! I'll have to get with Wild Ed and see what kind of set up I'll need. I once saw an 80 gallon "High" fish tank, and I have always wanted one.

I wonder what size bass I could keep in it....?

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