Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grumman 17 Foot Canoe w/ Rocket Tilt Trailer for Sale


We are putting our Grumman 17 foot canoe up for sale. Though I love the lines and durability, space in our home is at a premium. The canoe and trailer take up altogether too much space in the garage, and we need that space.

I'll be buffing it out tomorrow, and I'll be listing it on Craigslist. I'll add the link to Craigslist later on.


Your friend,


Anonymous said...

That is a nice boat, sorry you need the space, I will pass this along.

Anonymous said...

I put a link on my facebook page for you.

hodgeman said...

Man! If I buy it will you pull it up here and deliver? LoL!

I'll even take you grayling fishing in it!

Those are wonderful and hard to come by here in even halfway decent shape...yours looks immaculate.

Albert A Rasch said...

It's in really good shape fellows, and I hate to get rid of it. If I wasn't heading back to A'stan, and the Mrs wasn't needing the space, I would keep it!

Your friend,

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Bob S said...

Nice piece of gear, to bad you need the space... How about a bigger garage?

Your friend,
Big Bob