Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogs of Note, The OBS, and New Stuff

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I've been blogging for over a year now, and along the way I have learned a great deal: How to write better, keep my foot a little further from my mouth, avoid being bit by cottonmouths, and how to make Cowboy Cookies. More importantly, I have also met some wonderful, generous, genuine, and worthwhile people from all over the world.

One of the things they all have in common, is their membership with Outdoor Bloggers Summit.

Sten, (The Suburban Bushwacker) our sterling correspondent from the fair British Isles, (He's English, btw not Austrailian.) introduced me to the OBS. At the time I was a third rate blogger, with mediocre content, and a couple of good stories. With his enthusiastic references and links, and his introduction to the OBS, I began a journey that has already taken me much further than I imagined.

Kristine, our Queen Bee at the OBS, has been very generous with her knowledge and time. Through her ideas and effort, she has provided many of us a forum to interconnect our different pursuits, and make connections with one and other.

In that spirit, I am going to start making picture links for Blogs of Notes. Rick Kratzke at Whitetail Woods actually had the idea to make it a "Blogs of Note" thing. He is taking your banner and making a link out of it. I was just putting link pictures up because I wanted to for folks that I like. You can see the one I made for him in the upper right hand column. The idea is to put it up for thirty days and give those bloggers a little more visibility!

You can do as many or as few as you like. I have a back log so I may toss in three or four at a time! (Remember I can only work with what you send me, so if I call on you to forward me a picture, make it a nice one!)

If anyone has any questions on how I do it please feel free to ask. (If I figured it out, anyone can do it!) I'm not sure how Rick does his but you can get with him on that method.

I've been having a great time helping folks out on different blogs with comments, encouragement, and emails. Not only does it help folks learn new things, but I get to learn stuff too!

As usual, I encourage every one to pitch in, help the new guys, throw a suggestion to the old timers now and again, and when you are out there reading stuff, mention the Outdoor Bloggers Summit.

Warmest Regards!
Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
Proud Member of Outdoor Bloggers Summit
Southeast Regional OBS Coordinator


Jamie said...

I should have read your post first...great idea! And, thanks again for introducing me to OBS.

Native said...

How's about some "cowboy coffee" to go along with those cookies Albert.
Good friend of mine, Mike Marticorena who is pure "Basque" loves his coffee made that way in the mornings.

He just boils water and throws the grind's right in and drinks!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

There was never anything mediocre about your content. Other people may have received he odd word of encouragement. But I only champion the greats and no one else has made the grade yet.

Anonymous said...

I think it's lovely that you are extending your support to other bloggers. The more we help each other, the more powerful we all grow.

I'm not sure I'm a "Queen Bee" though. I've always pictured myself as more of an Empress. :-)

Albert A Rasch said...

Your Royal Highness,

Forgive your loyal servant's missteps.

"Her Majesty the Empress" it is!

Your Loyal Vassal,