Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Range Reviews: Sterling Knife Sharpener

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What's more dangerous than a sharp knife?

Every outdoorsman knows the answer to that question: A Dull One! In an emergency, a dull knife is next to useless. Even in a situation that's not an emergency, a dull knife is an exasperation that one can do without.

With the Sterling Knife Sharpener, sharpening a knife is easy, and a dull knife is a thing of the past.

The Sterling Classic and American Flag

It has two precision made tungsten carbide cutting bits mounted precisely to give a twenty degree edge. Weighing a touch over 1/2 an ounce, you won't even know it's in your pocket. It has a lightweight two piece aluminum body, riveted in four spots, two of which secure the carbide cutting blades. There is a lanyard hole which works equally well as a key ring hole, and one can easily carry it in a wallet if need be.

On a set of keys...

Carbide cutters...

There are no special skills required in order to bring a knife up to razor sharpness with the Sterling. And there is no need for oils or lubricants; so no mess to clean up. That's a big confidence boost to new sportsmen who may not have acquired knife sharpening skills.

Ready to sharpen...

It is also available in several colors: Sterling Classic (anodized red), Digital Camo, American Flag (My favorite!). In addition, they can custom print, anodize and laser engrave anything on the sharpener. Anything.

A small sample of what can be done!

Draw the knife through several times...

Using it is easy. Remember not to cut your fingers! Best results are obtained by resting the sharpener on a secure surface. A stump, block of wood, or truck tire will do nicely. Place the edge of the knife into the carbide "V". Smoothly and firmly draw the knife through the "V". You will feel the proper pressure to apply as you draw the knife through. A few passes and your knife will be hair shaving sharp. Dull knives will require a bit of effort to draw through. Pull it through as many times as needed. Patience will reward you with a razor's edge. Fish filleting knives are the easiest, they sharpen up in a few passes.

Razor sharp!

It works equally well on any type of knife, machete, hatchet, axe, and broadheads too.

This is one of those must have tools that you have in your go bag. It will put a sharpened edge on any knife whether kitchen, table, field, or combat. With a street price of $11.00 to $15.00 it is another definite buy. I'll have one with me from now on while hog hunting, fishing, or camping.

A couple of recommendations. Get two; when your Father in Law sees it, he will want it and you'll be out your sharpener if you didn't get a spare. Put a lanyard on it right away so you don't misplace it out in the field, shop, or garage. Lastly, hide it because the kids will want it, the Mrs will need it, and like I said, in-laws will demand it!

For those of you in business and looking for a small practical gift, Sterling has very reasonable prices for engraved sharpeners in orders as small as ten units! Call and ask for Ms. Bonnie Sterngold 800-297-4277.

The Sterling Sharpener has been in production since 1977! The folks at Sterling are so confident of their Sterling Sharpener that they stand behind it with a Lifetime Warranty.

And remember, it's made in the USA!

Sterling Sharpeners

MSRP: $15.00

Albert A Rasch
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Anonymous said...

Now that seems like a nice small compact way to keep your knife ready for anything and the price does not sound to bad either.

Jamie said...

Matt thinks it's great that it is a key chain too!

kaki nginti said...

this tool is handy!can be bring along for fishing too,i guess.

Mel said...

Nice review, Albert, I think I just found a handy tool to carry with me in my fishing pack also. Lifetime guarantee and great price!