Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Range Reviews: Update Darn Tough Vermont Boot Sock

My friends,

This morning I received the following email from Andy Linnevers of Darn Tough Vermont:

Hello Albert,

It was great meeting you at the SHOT show. Thank you for taking the time to include the detailed coverage about our products on your blog. It is clear that you are passionate about the industry and appreciate products of high quality. I have one piece of good news for your readers. I think they will be please to hear that our Boot Socks retail for $20. We will have an over the calf full cushion version that will retail for $22...

Thanks again for your kind words regarding our brand.
Andy Linnevers

Besides the fact that Andy recognizes the quality of my prose, he, and by extension Darn Tough, have a commitment to the customer that is unparalleled. I did not write or call Andy to tell him I was reviewing Darn Tough products. He found it on his own, hours after I posted it! If that is not paying attention to your customers, I don't know what is.

Once again I heartily recommend Darn Tough Vermont socks. Not only do the make a darn good sock, and are an all American company, but they serve the customer 100%!

Albert A Rasch
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Brigid said...

I will be ordering me some. Thank you!

Albert A Rasch said...


They have ladies sizes as I mentioned, and I am really impressed by their commitment to follow up on customers. I also read some other reviews on the socks, and did not find any negative commentaries.

Here at home, we are trying our hardest to purchase as many products made in the USA as we can. Though these socks are a little expensive, we have budgeted to buy some for each one of us as finances allow.

Thank you for supporting a great American company!

Albert A Rasch

Rod McBellanic said...

Great to hear there are American Made products still alive...and devoted to customer service. Will have to take a look.
Also, thanks for helping me out.
Rod "Chad"
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