Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Range Reviews: Century Matchless Deluxe Stainless Stove

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Century Matchless Deluxe Stainless Steel 2-Burner Grill and Stove

I got this beauty a couple of years ago. Though I prefer to cook on a wood fire, there are many times and situations where an open fire is inadvisable. The Century Stainless Steel Stove is matchless in quality and works perfectly in those situations. When we go fishing, the Century is put in the back of the car where it takes up very little space, but affords us the ability to whip up a complete hot meal.

  • Hose length: 24"
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Fuel: Propane
  • BTUs: 10,000 per burner
  • Dimensions: Height 13" by Width 22" by 4" in depth

It has fold out windscreens that shield the the cooking area, making it a breeze to work in a breeze. The burners are in a great position and allow the use of two large pots, or a good sized skillet and a big pot at the same time. The grills are strong and hold large full pots well.

The surface beneath the burners is easy to clean. The metal grill over the top is easily removed and allows one to clean any spills underneath the burners.

Cooking on it is very easy. It puts out more than enough heat to boil a pot of pasta or rice, or get a skillet hot enough to make bacon, fry fish, or prepare fajitas.

It uses a standard one liter can of gas, that is good for four or five meals. There is an adapter should you desire to run it off a 20 pound container. That's a handy thing to have if you live in an area that is prone to power outages or gas shutoffs due to storms.

Though it is a bit heavy, it is very stable, and once set up you don't have to worry about it moving or tipping. This is great for car camping or as an emergency or secondary cooking surface. The controls are functional and work as expected.

I would rate this a solid buy.

Century Outdoor Camping Products
4980 Deluxe Stainless Steel 2-Burner Stove

Street Price: $74.99 - $90.00

Century Tool & Manufacturing / Kay Home Products
90 McMillen Road
Antioch, Illinois 60002
Phone: 800-635-3831
Fax: 847-395-3305


Anonymous said...

I agree with the open wood fire but I also wouldn't mind picking up one of these. It is actually on my wish list for the unexpected power outages.
Nice post Albert, good info to hold onto.

Mike S. said...

That's a good looking stove, good item to have in the car if you're going fishing and expecting to catch something.

Mike S

Anonymous said...

Yo Range,
Could you fire up one of those puppies inside of a B-Hut? Gotta check the Fire Codes there.


Albert A Rasch said...

Yo GoGo,

Long time no hear! I'll have to check into that. And get the neon sign "Eat at Che Albert!"

The Range

Wild Ed said...

Gas is nice but I have been searching and found a Coleman dual fuel that uses Coleman fuel and/or gasoline for possible survival use. You might want to find one before they are all gone as Coleman no longer makes the dual fuel stove or lantern.

Albert A Rasch said...

We had some of those dual fuel lanterns back in the day, and they were great. You could run them on kerosene or gasoline which was definitely handy.

Thanks again Ed!


Wild Ed said...

I just feel like in the future it may be hard to find gas cylinders to fit some brands of outdoor stoves,lanterns and other equipment. My theory is KISS so I can use what ever fuel I am able to get. For a weekend away you can not beat the cylinder type for ease of operation and clean burning.

WhichBurner said...

Nice bit of kit,if your good at fishing.

Tony said...

Could you cook a croc on one?