Monday, April 6, 2009

Soldiers in Afghanistan Getting the Shaft!


As you know I tend to stay away from politics as a rule. Unless it directly involves the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, or our sporting traditions, I tend to stay out of it.

Well in this particular case I want some help from everyone in getting the politicians to do something for our troops.

We live in a modern age. The kids that are risking their lives for you and I, are accustomed to have their communications available to them everywhere at any time. Imagine being an enlisted man in Afghanistan and having to pay $200.00 a month for a crappy satellite connection. To top it all off, the provider isn't an American company, but rather a foreign national, from countries that we can't be sure are really on our side!

The few of you who have served, know how important it is to be able to communicate with loved ones. With extensions, stop loss orders, and the myriad of hazards these boys have to navigate, shouldn't they have access to their e-mail, websites, blogs, and VOIP?

All I'm asking is that you copy the following note and forward it to your Congressmen and Senators.

It has come to my attention that the honorable and brave young men and women of our armed forces serving in Afghanistan are subject to predatory price gouging by the suppliers of internet access.

There can be no doubt that morale is much higher when you can log on to the Net and get your email. Life in theater is far more bearable when you can log on the internet and see your child on the screen. Everyone wants to talk about the stress of deployment, but here is a morale killer and I am asking you to look into it.

It is high time that these Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are supplied with free access to the World Wide Web. It is inconceivable that we ask them to sacrifice themselves for our benefit, and then allow unscrupulous individuals to rob them of their pay.

Please investigate this travesty and do what ever is within your power to correct this injustice.

Respectfully Yours,

You guys know the drill. Go to the Sportsman's Survival Links to the right. Find your Congressman and Senator and send them the above note. It took me less than seven minutes to do them all.

Albert A Rasch


native said...

Done Albert, Senator McInerny has been notified!

Thanks for bring this to our attention.

Anonymous said...

That is just wrong, very wrong.

wandering owl said...

Thanks for the letter, Albert. I agree on all points.