Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Burmese Python Kills Toddler

Constrictor Suffocates Child

In what can only be called a bizarre and tragic accident, "a 12-foot pet albino Burmese python escaped its cage early this morning and slithered into the room of a 2-year-old child in Sumter County where the reptile wrapped around the toddler and suffocated her." TBO Yolanda Fernandez

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission considers the python a "reptile of concern" because of its impact on the environment when it is set free or escapes. You can read more about the threat of Burmese Pythons at the FWC's Florida's Nonnative Wildlife Species Detail page.


SimplyOutdoors said...

What a horrible thing to happen. Man, that is awful.

Albert A Rasch said...


Simply terrible, and tragic.


long island gal said...

A child died because a person wanted to keep a python pet. This is very inconsiderate and a very sad situation. We’ll just hope that the child will be given proper justice from the owner of the python.

Anonymous said...

I say the python should be crushed under the wheel of a truck (slowly though, just gentle sidle the wheel onto it's lung cavaities); then just before it asphyxiates smash it's head with a shovel, then as the body is still writhing, skin it, gut it and fillet it; cook immediately on the grill (with hot peppers, garlic, Indian Masala Spice, cilantro, thai ginger and pineapple); freeze the remaining fillets as reptile meat spoils very quickly. (BTW python tastes like a cross btwn swordfish, alligator, rattler and chicken) That would be an appropriate execution for this python. As for the owner, what can you say to someone as stupid as him and the girl's mother?

Anonymous said...

Respect the python. It was acting instinctly and not with evil intent. It was likely not well taken care of and hungry. Blame the keepers. They're responsible, but still how horrible that they lose their child this way. Tragic all around.