Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mike Riddle and Native Hunt on SCI Radio

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Native Hunt Guided Hunts & Wildlife Tours

My very good friend Mike Riddle, owner and CEO of Native Hunt, was interviewed by Jerry Evens of Safari Club International Radio.
Image Credit: Native Hunt
World Class Accomodations

During a great and very informative interview, Mike talks about the wonderful opportunities on his 27,000 acres of property, including the Hi-Fence portions. He has world class accommodations, award winning chefs, and some of the best dove hunting on the west coast.

Image Credit: Native Hunt
Corsican Ram

Wild exotic game that is available include Eurasian Wild Boars, Corsican Rams, and Gold Medal Fallow Deer.

Image Credit: Native Hunt
Wild Eurasian Boar

Image Credit: Native Hunt
Fallow Deer

Image Credit: Native Hunt
Mike and his Guides

Having met Mike at the 2009 SHOT Show, I am looking forward to visiting the Native Hunt properties, swap some tall tales, and spend some quality time pursuing Boar and Fallow Deer. His efforts to rescue, renew, protect, and conserve his properties make him and Native Hunt a model for private game management. I doesn't hurt that that he has a luxurious retreat for rest and relaxation after a hard days hunt, and Mike and his staff focus on the guest and great customer service.

Give Native Hunt a call at 1 (888) HUNT-321. I can wholeheartedly recommend booking your hunt with Mike at Native Hunt Guided Hunts & Wildlife Tours.

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native said...

Thank you so much Albert for the kind words and recommendation.

You are truly one of the last few remaining gentlemen left upon this planet!

Albert A Rasch said...


If anyone is a gentleman around here it is you; you are kind, generous, and a real friend. Anyone that meets you, and anyone that hunts with you will leave with a new friend and great memories!


Anonymous said...

That sure sounds like a great place with a bunch of nice guys. It is hunts like that that I usually dream about.