Friday, July 3, 2009

Your Daddy Kills Animals! Uhhh, yeah and?

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From the brilliant, and somewhat eccentric mind of Hubert Hubert, comes what I think is another incredible piece of journalism.

God the man is brilliant.

Eloquent, restrained, and so damned funny I may have to buy Depends or something!

This time Hubert takes a shot at PeTA and their child friendly comic "Your Daddy Kills Animals!"

PeTA's Educational Material

(Yet another sign that PeTA is completely out of control...)

Go see my man Hubert at Rabbit Stew.

You will laugh till you pee!!!


Don't say I didn't warn you...


ScreamingChicken said...


Sometimes I wish PeTA would just shut the freak up... They give Animal Liberationist a bad name.

But ya know what, Albert your doing exactly what PeTA wants. They want attention, no matter what kinda attention they get.

I read rabbitstews blog, I didn't find it hilarious, but it was enjoyable I guess - even though he makes some crazy conclusions. I'm pretty sure Peta has a large Christian base but I guess he was aiming for the funny ranty thing.


Albert A Rasch said...


You know, you are absolutely right. But I also think I need to shine the light on them and peel back that curtain that their wizards install.

Hubert has an Englishman's sense of humor. You just have to get it I guess. But actually that post wasn't one of his hilarious ones. So it was kind of an inaccurate description, though I found lots of it funny none the less.

I've been kind of busy this week as you may have noted, but I promise I'll stop by and check out your VLOG as soon as I can.

Best to you and stay safe.

steveo_uk said...

yeah us english men do seem to have a strange sense of humor.

Hubert Hubert said...

Thank you very much for this link, Albert. You are a Pan-national Treasure of the Internet.


native said...

Actually Brendan,
Christians are a meat eating group who "do" differentiate between animals and humans.

So as far as P.e.T.A. having a large christian base, that is just not so!

Mel said...

Albert, while I do agree with ScreamingChicken that this probably is what they want (the publicity), I also agree that people need to see another side to their story. Doubly so when they filter comments the way they do.

This is a group who advocates humane treatment of animals, but was cited for euthanizing animals illegally (because it was the "humane" thing to do, though some of these animals were in fact healthy), and is contradictory in their claims of going vegan yet support the slaughter of chickens. I mean, seriously, a chicken killed for food is still dead, there's nothing humane about death - that's illogic to begin with.

Hell, they're even right now suggesting to members who live in Wisconsin to commit a misdemeanor and cover up their motto on a license plate. You can't deface a license plate - unless there's some law in Wisconsin that allows it (if so, my apologies). Then again, I'd love to know how many citations this group gets for public nudity.

I can't read Hubert's blog, but I'm sure it's tongue in cheek humor. For some reason, just looking at the cover of this comic makes me think that.

Example, not all men fish to begin with, nor do all women have fur coats. Why do they go with the stereotypes? Why can't they instead also have a woman fishing or a guy wearing a leather jacket. Also, why aren't there kitten ears on the dear "sea Kittens" (Well, why aren't there? - fish are called sea kittens in almost every blog on that site).

(Apologies to Hubert if he makes comments similar to this in his blog of the comic - it's not intentional ;) ).