Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Back Thursday!


I'll be back on Thursday. I have a project for you that I am working on, a Post of Note that is exceptional, and I need to round up the usual list of suspects!

Is anyone else, all of a sudden, finding themselves with too much to do and not enough time?

UPDATE 09:45: Uhhmmm, it's Wednesday already isn't it... make that Friday.

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The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles


SimplyOutdoors said...

I never think I have enough time, and then throw in a ten month old and anything that even resembles a plan gets thrown out the window.

Kristine Shreve said...

Let's see a full time job with 11 hour days, four blogs which need content on a regular basis, OBS administrative duties and furthering the cause of the OBS, working on getting healthier and increasing my fitness level and, oh yeah, trying to have a social life.

What was the question again?

Ben G. said...

I never seem to have enough time, remodeling, yard work, 10 month old son, pregnant wife, I can keep going and going. I think I'm starting to like being busy all the time. It leaves me less time to worry about things, and no time to get into trouble.

Wild Ed said...

Is the feeling of not enough time contagious? I just posted a song called Untanglin’ my mind by Clint Black. I guess as I get older it all runs together. I think I will just slow down for a while.
A Good Country Song
Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors

Caleb Pearce said...

Too Much to do, not enough time to do it.

Anonymous said...

There is always to much to do and never enough time. Even though I am sort of layed up right now and have nothing but time I still can't do much so you know how frustrating that is.