Saturday, August 15, 2009

Florida Matters: Python Prank goes Awry... Sort Of.

He Speaks with Forked Tongue

Once again I have to thank The Portly Pirate at The Drawn Cutlass for another bit of news, this one right (literally) in my own backyard. The report was first covered by Bay News 9 and published by UPI

Seems like the knuckle headed trapper who bills himself as a "wildlife expert," Justin Matthews of Matthews' Wildlife Rescue, released a 14 foot python last month near a daycare. He purchased the python from a local pet store in Tampa for $200, and released it as a publicity stunt.

He finally fessed up to his chicanery yesterday. Excusing his behavior as "trying to raise awareness," but admits getting more phone call to his business.

What in the world has gotten into people lately?

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native said...

Can we say very similar to when Dale, from the cartoon: King Of The Hill drove all over town releasing cockroaches which he had raised in his basement.

Doing this was supposed to increase the clientele for his exterminating business (remember the cockroach statue on the top of his van).

But that kind of backfired on "him" as well!

From now on Mr. Mathews should be simply known as DALE!

Bitmap said...

I'll bet that "wildlife expert" doesn't have any children.

Next time he'll probably transplant rattlesnakes or alligators next to a daycare.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Dale. That is too funny. I definitely think we should refer to him as that. What in the heck was this guy thinking?