Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gator Hunting: Class in Session!

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Bubby and Ethan
Go to Gator Hunting School
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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is holding a series of classes on Alligator hunting. Bubby and his best friend Ethan accompanied me to the classes today and we had a pretty good time. There were several vendors of assorted gator hunting equipment, a really neat taxidermy outfit, and several guides.

We learned a few things, though the truth be told, Bubby and I have already caught our fair share of alligators and relocated them. We figured out early on that the end with the pointy teeth should be avoided at all costs. The course covered the legal issues, CITES tags, permits, licenses, permitted hunting gear, and hunting times.

Ethan (left) and Blake study a cleaned alligator skull

There were several learning aids available for perusal. The boys naturally gravitated towards anything dangerous, assiduously avoiding written material that might require reading.

Ethan: What if you sat on this by accident?
Bubby: What if I stuck it in your leg?
Ethan: Cool!
Dad: Put the Damn Thing Down, NOW!

Naturally, I kept a close eye on them for fear of having to carve a barbed head out of someone's leg. Certainly it would add a whole new level of entertainment to the show, but I would just as soon be an observer for the day.

Awesome Coffee Table

Captain Eddie Vitale of Bad to the Bone Taxidermy was there showing off his wares. I was very impressed with the technical quality of work, and the artistic level of execution. Unfortunately the pictures I took do not do his work any justice. Really top notch work.

And in case you are wondering, the Mrs said, not just no, but "...over my dead body no you can't get that coffee table." And she meant my body not hers. I'm not sure how that works ...

Really Nice Diorama of a Gator and Two Shoats

Uhhh... Dad?

You truly can choke on a chicken...

All in all we had a really good time. Both the boys are interested in at least experiencing a gator hunt, and I am all for the adventure!

I'm going to have to get with my buddy Todd Hill at Primitive Point and see about getting a proper hand forged barbed spear head. I guess we'll have to build another pirogue, and learn to stand up in them. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. And the boys, if we survive or at least make it back with most of our pieces intact, well they'll have stories to tell the rest of their lives. You can't beat that with a long stick!

Now, if I can only get SBW here...

Albert A Rasch
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The Hunt Continues...

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native said...

Dang' it Albert,
Yer' tuggin' at me ol' heart strings, I do miss those misty, glass watered mornings trying to catch em' before they go to their beds.

Does the F.F.& G allow night hunting and spotlighting or are there restricted hours now?

Albert A Rasch said...

It's night hunting only, which kinda surprised me. I guess we are so accustomed to daylight hunting only, the night being the province of the poacher and miscreant, that when they explained the shooting hours I was surprised.


Borepatch said...

I want that coffee table.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Gator hunting? Now that just sounds like a bunch of fun. It is really is too bad that we don't have gators anywhere near me.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

On my way big man