Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll Need Two Camels and a Quart of Yak Milk... The Mongol Rally

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The Mongol Rally
Team SBW/TROC Vies for Slot in 2011!
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Thanks to the The Suburban BushWacker's uncanny sense to post things mostly uncommon, usually unheard of, and of life-threateningly fascinating interest, to say nothing of the encouragement of many of my blogging friends, the plans for the Mongol Rally continue to move forward.

As undoubtedly many of you have far more sense than I probably can't indulge in this kind of adventure, I feel that it is only fair play and good turn about to ask for my fellow bloggers to help with advice. Perhaps a good idea or product recommendation will result in saving the Rally Team's hide!

Imagine, if you will, this scene:

SBW- I say now Albert, it's been three days now and I really have had enough of this! I mean seriously I have two wives now and we are no closer to getting to Ulaan Baatar...
TROC- Shhhh! Don't upset them! We need the damn camels, and two wives are better than... Shit, SBW if you have to, give the old one to The Northern Monkey... Wait a minute, hold on. Yes, yes, tell the chief that I'll throw in a bottle of Bookers, and a copy of "Goats Gone Wild:Uzbek." But that's it. The cafetera is out of the question!

Stuff like that could really happen, and losing a bottle Bookers because we were under-prepared could spell doom for your intrepid adventurers!
Image Cred: JacobGP

What I would like from as many of you as possible, is suggestions of things that you think we should take. Nothing is off the table except for firearms and explosive materials. This is a charity event after all, not an excursion into a war zone. Though with my luck who knows. And anyway, I can McGuyver my way out of that if need be.

Since NorCal brought up the Starbucks Coffee, the first thing in the kit will be a "cafetera" to make Cuban coffee in. Obviously we'll need a couple of pounds of Cuban ground coffee.

My inclusion will be a Swiss Army Knife and SOG S62 tool.

What do you say folks? Kit us up!

Logistics Officer

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LSP said...

Good morning chap, so good to hear you're the LO for the rally effort.

At the very least you'll need an F1 knife, though its more than possible that SBW will demand something 'custom'.

Be warned, he's nothing if not a perfectionist when it comes to kit!

God bless,


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

The coffee, the F1, a sharpmaker, a laplander, more coffee and equal weight to coffee of raw sugar, a welded in strong box for the sabots and shotgun shells, an Epc running linux for blogging, a nine foot spinning rod and a 6000 size reel loaded to the gunnels with 30lb braid. we can pick up a Baika in russia for peanuts, a spare coffee pot.....


LSP said...

Hard-core epoxy - a must.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you gentlemen that well, but maybe you might consider this set of races to prepare.

I have a friend who competed in this one and had a ball.


Michael Spinelli said...

You fellows need to get those camping style air mattresses that roll up into nothing flat, but puff up into heaven sent comfort. You should carry a steel spit or two for cooking, and a smallish dutch oven.

Proper goggles, sunglasses, and maybe even clear safety glasses.

And of course you should start with a psychiatric evaluation...

Mike S