Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hard Drive Finally Gave Up

The Hard Drive Blues

The hard drive in my Compaq finally gave up the ghost. I'm left with the office laptop for the time being which means I don't have access to Gimp, my Ubuntu based photo editor. So some of the posts I had scheduled for the beginning of the week will have to wait until the latter part. I'll need to pick up a new hard drive, and since I tend have archaic computer equipment, I'll have to figure out if the newer drive will work in current system.

This should be fun...



Hubert Hubert said...

The best of luck with your hardware search, Albert. I'm currently trying to stick Ubuntu on my laptop as well - because the XP is so old and buggy that it's driving (ho ho) me nuts.


Hubert Hubert said...

By the way Albert, apparantly there's a Gimp for Windows:

Gray Sanborn said...

Here's two links to help you out in your hard-drive endeavor: IDE connector & SATA connector.

Oh, and I recommend Newegg for computer purchases because they're usually the best price around (the link takes you to the HD section).

Good luck with the repairs!

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks fellows, much obliged.
HH there's an English publishing company that specializes in really good magazines. Future "Media with Passion" publishes Linux Format

I'll send you an email with details