Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Installing New Hard Drive

It's Not That Hard to Do
Just a quick note.

I went and picked up a new Western Digital 500GB hard drive this morning. It took me about ten minutes to pull the face piece off the tower, pull the old drive, and put the new one in. I unplugged the slave drive and put the box back together again. I unplugged the slave just in case; that's my back up drive with all the pictures and some program files. The computer started right up when I hit the on/off switch, but without any software it just stopped dead in its tracks.

The installation disc for Ubuntu was close at hand. CD player open, drop disc in, close, restart machine, and viola! The installation process for Jaunty Jackalope began!

Now it's just a matter of configuring my dual monitors, and downloading the updates.

Then it's back to blogging!

Mostly I have quite a few pictures to crop down to size using Gimp, the Linux based version of Photoshop.

Come to think of it, those of you that wish you could afford Photoshop, (What is it like $600?), could instead download a windows version of Gimp, or spend $20.00 for the disc and magazine which comes with Ubuntu (OS), OpenOffice (As good as MS Office), Gimp (Photoshop), Scribus (Publisher) and dozens and dozens of other programs. All and I mean all of them free.

I've used Photoshop, and now using Gimp has been relatively pain free.

Anyway, something for you to consider.

Now back to fixing the computer...

UPDATE: Ok the installation went without a hitch, the downloads smooth, the updates - up to date, and the software operating properly. Posting will resume on a regular basis again!

UPDATE II: Gimp for windows http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html

Coming tomorrow:

Shooting the SeigeWorks Creation American Longbow


Paul Steeve said...

Glad to see you're getting stuff figured out. I might have to check out the Gimp program you're talking about. I do enjoy the Photoshop program, but I'm definitely not going out and paying that much for it.

Albert A Rasch said...


Definitely an excellent idea. I was just using it to finish up the bow post for tomorrow, and it works just like Photoshop except for a couple of things that have different names, or the buttons look a little different.

I'll try to find the download center for it and post it.


Borepatch said...

The Gimp is awesome. It's geeky (not so easy to use, like Photoshop is not so easy to use) but SO cool.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I love Gimp. I use it all the time, and in fact, all the pictures on my blog were done Gimp.

I'm glad to hear everything is back up and running. Computer problems are no fun.