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Blog Rodeo: August 29

Chronicles Rodeo for August 29th

Though a slight bit outside of my usual area of expertise, Freedive Spearfishing has a great post on holding your breath. What is interesting is the technique and its many applications. My Breath Holding Technique is very useful when you know you have to push for less than a minute, and need a burst of oxygen to the brain synapses.

My Favorite Marlin checks out the Taurus 1911 with a very thoughtful and informative user's review.

Extreme Outdoors with Map Your Land is a great post on using some of the tools on your computer to help you get a grip on what and were stuff is going on.

Good ol' Wild Ed has another post on shotgunning. In Dove Hunting is Around the Corner, Ed who was an instructor in the field of shot-gunnery, gives plenty of tips to up your bird shooting scores.

This one is too cool! Turning birdshot into slugs is a useful skill in places where slugs might be "unavailable."
The Firearm Blog has a guest post by Y-Man covering just that. In Turning Birdshot into Slugs for Self-Defense, Y-Man cleverly converts some scrap steel, a washer, nut, and bolt into a slug making mold. It's a must see!

The Suburban Bushwacker.: Mongol Rally - Making Life Less Boring It seems that my good friend SBW has stumbled upon a road rally of epic proportions. Furthermore it appears that some of our esteemed readers have decided that they would like nothing more than to be entertained vicariously by SBW and yours truly. Now, I am not adverse to such an adventure, and I am, as a matter of fact, putting together a proposal for my dear friend SBW to review. The only hitch I see is the border crossings and the stash of octane boosting Bookers Bourbon that we will need. One of our fans, Mike Spinelli at Mike's Travels... and Travails, has started the ball rolling by publicly calling us out!

Now on another note, Mr Hank at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has reminded me of a neighbor who had an exceptional fig tree in his backyard. I remember being a little kid and walking into his backyard to pluck a ripe purple brown fig from the tree. I would flick off the ants that invariably would be running around the butt end of the fig, squeeze it until it popped, and eat the insides before chewing up what was left, and spitting out the stem. It seems that the lucky Mr Hank has a super-abundance of figs and fortuitously he has several recipes for resolving the dilemma. Check out what he concocts with "Too Many Figs - What to Do?"

My good friend Steve, The Rabid Outdoorsman has published his fifth, that's right, FIFTH article in The Maine Sportsman, New England's largest outdoor publication! The article will appear in the September issue, and Steve has kindly included the unedited version on his blog The Maine Outdoorsman. Steve's a heck of a good guy and I have corresponded at length with him on a variety of subjects, and not once has he mentioned his writing accomplishments. Oh, and the post is darned good too!

Borepatch, the really smart guy I read regularly, has a very interesting post on climate change. The data being used, and the methodologies being used to determine what the hell is going on is, how would you put it... questionable. Now I believe that something really strange is going on. And as far as I can tell, it sure as hades is getting warmer. Now what that means is beyond my ability to figure out. But if you look at many of the Naturalist paintings of the late 1800's and it seems that it sure was a lot colder back in the day. And there is no denying that the ice pack and glaciers are retreating. So the issue is what does this all mean? Borepatch doesn't give you an answer, but he gives you plenty to think about!

Well that, I think, is this week's round up of really good posts.Italic Stop by and take a look at everyone's offerings, they put a lot of hard work into it!

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Rollin' with the Chronicler Hmmmm I'm likin' it.........

Borepatch said...

Albert, thanks for the link. Probably my best introduction to how climate has been changing for a long, long time (and why I'm skeptical that it's carbon dioxide) is >here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome roundup, there are a few I haven't visited as of yet.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks for stopping by fellows, much appreciated!