Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On Sale Now! - Whitetail Woods Shirts

Whitetail Woods: On Sale Now! - Whitetail Woods Shirts

I just want to put this out there for everyone to take note of. Rick Kratzke has printed out some very nice shirts with Whitetail Woods on it.

I would encourage everyone who can to invest a few dollars in them. Not only do you get a nifty shirt, but you are helping support the incredible effort made by Rick to keep you informed, entertained, and enlightened.

I'm saving some pocket change for a couple of weeks and ordering one from Whitetail Woods.

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Anonymous said...

Albert, I do appreciate the added boost.

I did edit the post this morning. It now says at the bottom that I am not making a dime on this venture. It is strictly for help to advertise my name and my blog further in the outdoors. The money goes to the seamstress for material and her time.