Thursday, August 27, 2009

HSUS Employees Sowing Dissension by Impersonating Hunters

HSUS Employees Posing as Hunters
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Bitter of Snow Flakes in Hells has had an interesting exchange with an individual posing as a hunter. Knowing my keen interest in the matter, he thought I might be interested in the exchange. I most certainly am.

Hi Albert,

As a hunting blogger and your previous posts on related topics, I thought you might be interested in this:

An HSUS staffer actually came to the blog posing as a hunter and claimed, "Growing up I remember the thrill of the chase."

Given that the blog is mostly focused on guns, he pretended to be a longtime reader and gun owner. Though it appears to have been a sham to attack NRA for putting their weight behind HSUS anti-hunting projects.

"Sebastian I like your blog, but in general feel that hunters are getting so caught up in the 'US vs THEM' fight, it’s a lot easier to defend hunting wild game then explain why one would rather hunt elk in a fenced in area – what kind of sport is that?"
"it’s one thing to oppose them on issues that makes sense – but I nearly canceled my NRA membership when I saw them fighting a puppy mill bill – we could be more effective by not opposing every single thing with their logo on it, and only that which actually effects us!"
"But regardless, my point was more why the NRA was getting involved – I’d rather have them focus on gun leg!"

As soon as his IP address was pointed out, he has not commented again even though he had been commenting every few minutes for half an hour.

While there is certainly room for legitimate debate on issues in the community, pro-hunting bloggers should check their logs to see where unknown or new commenter are coming from if their post is about hunting or fishing issues HSUS is taking up. They could be HSUS employees posing as hunters trying to divide the community. They may claim to be members of pro-hunting organizations as part of their charade.

Feel free to post about this, pass word on to the hunting blogosphere, or use it just to keep an eye on your site.

Bitter &"

Thanks to Bitter and I appreciate Bitter taking the time to let me know what's going on. This is one of the many reasons why I argue against folks taking a purist's or elitist stance. There is room for compromise among all hunters. When we become divisive among ourselves organizations like the HSUS exploit those cracks, which will allow them to divide and destroy our way of life.

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native said...

You just gotta' be able to "Smell Em'" (The Extreme Anti's) as I am able to do Albert! ;-)

Good and timely post though, as I believe that we hunters are getting a little too complacent and are starting to let our guards down.

Git' that SPIDEY SENSE a goin' and do not let them lull you into a false sense of security!

Bion said...

This happens all the time...I believe they actually have some of these characters on their payrolls...After all, the old adage, divide and still alive today!
Make no mistake, unity strengthens, and if hunters want to survive in the modern, urban world, they need to know the tactics of the opposition...

Paladin said...

One thing is for certain - "Crazy" can only camouflage itself for so long. Humaniacs will almost always give themselves away, regardless of how rational and "normal" they try to sound.

Dealing with these folks for over a decade has honed my kook-radar to the point where I can usually spot them almost immediately.

The real problem - is what I refer to as "Peta-larva"... the every day normal folks who watch a steady stream of fluffy-bunny-save-the-planet-hunters-are-evil crap on TV/Film. At some point, a person who didn't care one way or the other about hunting will reach the tipping point and go over to the dark side.

native said...

Well said Paladin,
I remember that name from an old Isac Asimov novel I think?

Bitter said...

One of our commenters added that he's seeing the same fake hunting comments (word-for-word) on newspaper websites. It is to be expected, but sometimes our people are content enough to just let things slide. If that keeps up, we'll have repeats of the Michigan ballot initiative all over again. (Unfortunately, in addition to being able to pay people to leave fake comments, they have more money to fight ballot battles which are CRAZY expensive.)

Albert A Rasch said...


I get a few heads up on a regular basis on articles on the web. I usually wade in with commentaries also. It's just real tough to do sometimes, not enough hours in the day. But I really appreciate it when folks let me know. The only way to fight HSUS and Peta is on their own terms and turf.