Friday, August 28, 2009

Poachers Nabbed!

Several Poachers and poaching rings have been busted up recently. Aggressive police work has put a major hurt on these scoundrels, and may act as a deterrent to any other clowns that might be considering any shenanigans.

In Utah...
"a call to Utah's Turn-in-a-Poacher hotline has resulted in a major poaching arrest in southwestern Utah.

On August 18, Hurricane resident Mathew Steven Spendlove was charged with four Class A misdemeanors and three Class B misdemeanors in 5th District Court in St. George.

The charges stem from the poaching of seven buck deer in Washington County. If Spendlove is found guilty, he could spend the next five years in jail, pay $13,000 in fines and pay $2,800 in restitution for the animals he took."

In Yosemite National Park
..."Three men face multiple poaching charges for hunting within Yosemite National Park, according to park officials.

Southern California residents Chad Gierlich, Chris Gierlich and Kyle Naraska allegedly poached multiple trophy-sized buck within park boundaries, officials said. "This is the most egregious case of illegal hunting we have uncovered here in Yosemite," chief park ranger Steve Shackelton said.

This one in Washington is a gang of the most slime soaked, scum of the earth, pieces of crap, I have read about in a long time:

"The investigation that started in 2006 finally ended in November, when the last of four defendants — including Gordon — pleaded guilty to poaching-related charges in Lewis County.

Gordon, a one-time hospital nurse who is now serving 13 months in prison, declined to comment. But the state Fish and Wildlife Department recently opened its files from the investigation, which included the account of Sharpe's first meeting with Gordon. The case is notable for its colorful characters, the extensive use of an undercover officer, the fact that jail sentences were handed down in a case where people poached for fun rather than profit, and the scale of wanton carnage claimed by a group of Southwest Washington men.

Nothing, it seemed, was too big or too small for the hunters, who took wildlife both legally and illegally. Their claimed victims included house cats, bobcats, mountain lions, elk, deer, bears, a turkey vulture, fish and one of their own hunting dogs."

All of us have a duty and obligation to report any poaching, of any wildlife. Know the laws in your state. Report violators and be proud of the fact that you are safeguarding these natural resources for the future.

Do the right thing.


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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading when poachers get nabbed.
If we hunt legally, why can't everyone else.