Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Many Lives Saved With $31M

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Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Everyone knows that I pretty much stay out of politics here at TROC unless it as to do with hunting, fishing, or something substantially similar.

But every once in a while I bump into something so un-freakin-believable that even I have to ask,


"The Department of Homeland Security had announced it was spending $31 million to enhance and upgrade two remote border crossings -- just 12 miles apart -- on the border between Montana and the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The spending was lauded by Montana's two senators, even though only an average of 22 cars a day traveled through these border posts."
Here are the story highlights:
  • DHS planned to spend $31 million to upgrade remote border crossings
  • The crossings are only 12 miles apart and get little to no traffic
  • Laredo, Texas, by comparison, gets 66,000 crossings a day
  • Laredo will not receive any of the $400 million in DHS border stimulus funds

I don't know but... 22 crossings versus 66,000... hmmmm...

You don't have to be a Senator to figure that one out.


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