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Saturday Blog Rodeo 9/19/09

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Another Saturday, another Rodeo! It's been three or four weeks now, and not one of you have sent me a post, even an old one that you wanted to brag about! Don't be shy, send the good ones to me, and I'll highlight it here.

The Mighty 2-Bore Muzzleloader
is one of several firearms highlighted by The Firearm Blog this week. Now to be honest, I have always wanted an 8-bore paradox style rifle. The 2-bore, which by the way throws out an impressive 8 ounce ball versus the 8-bore's 2 ounce, is probably a bit much even for my tastes. How Steve gets all the info he does is beyond me, but he does, and I am glad for it. Go check it out!

From my favorite update/security/computer guru, BorePatch, comes another tidbit of advise: Bore Patch: Recommended Security Tool - Secunia Personal Software Inspector This is another great little tool that Borepatch has dug up for us! Security it's not just a job, it's a way of life.

Phillip over at the Hog Blog, has reviewed a great scientific book on hogs, Hog Blog Book Review – Wild Pigs in the US. Written by one of the foremost wild pig researchers in this country, John Mayer, along with Lehr Brisbin, it was actually a very good and informative read. It has the Hog Blog seal of educational approval!

Wandering Owl has a fantastic post on the Kublai Kahn's game management edicts from way back in the day. In his post Hunting History: Kublai Khan's Game Management Orders, the Wandering Owl shares with us several of the Khan's rules and regulations for hunting on his turf. "The first clear record of a system of game management, and the first man-made laws to protect game, is found in the Mongol Empire, not Europe. According to the writings of Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler, recorded almost 700 years ago, Kublai, "The Great Khan" (1216-1294) was not only a great hunter but one who appreciated the fact that wildlife must have a place to live, with plenty of food, and that it must not be taken during the breeding season if it is to survive and increase."

We all have our moments, where we face deaths that transcend the normal (if there is such a thing) every day death that we know. Over at NorCalCazadora, Holly confronts one of those moments. The Unpleasant Task of Dressing Pear Jack reminds us that sometimes there are unpleasant unintended consequences to our actions. But as a wise man once said to me, "You don't git sumthin fo' nuthin." Another great one to think about.

From my number one Blogging Bud Rick at Whitetail Woods, comes After the Shot, What Should You do? Short and sweet, wait. But the truth is Rick tells it so much better than I just did. Don't forget to check out his archives, great stuff there too.

Good ol' Bore Patch has a great video for everyone to see. Take a look at the AA12, a drum fed assault shotgun in his post ZOMG! Lots of Zombies. The thing is awesome, and awe inspiring. I'm putting that on my Chronicles Wish List.

Good 'ol Doug over at Harris' Hawk Blog has put together a fine post, Sometimes it is Hard to See the Forest..., "Those damn trees get in the way. One of the problems with the conservation debate that you see so often is that people focus on one animal; this deer, that goose, instead of looking at species as a whole." Doug has been really giving a lot of thought to several issues lately, and I have seen his comments all over the blogosphere; I suggest everyone take a closer look at his work. It's good.

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Steve - The Firearm Blog said...

Rasch, Thanks for the link. Yes, it also would be far to much gun for me, 8 bore may be stretching it (I am embarrassingly recoil sensitive courtesy of an old injury)

wandering owl said...

Thank you for the spotlight, Albert! Much appreciated!

Rick Kratzke said...

Thanks for the kind mention, I am always hoping that someone learns something from what my experiences.

Albert A Rasch said...

My pleasure as usual!

Don't forget to give it a try yourselves, I collect the links throughout the week and post them on Saturday. Folks appreciate it, and the link love never hurts either. As a matter of fact, if you look at things like Outdoor Blips your rank comes from many things including the number of links you have.

Best regards,

Doug said...

Thanks for putting me up here with all this great writing. Keep up the good work.