Thursday, September 17, 2009

Larry Heathington of Sheep Limited, Missing


Larry Found Alive!

I don't have any details yet, but a phone call has been received by Don Martin a close friend of Larry. It appears that Larry was assaulted, knocked out, and dumped somewhere in New Mexico.

As soon as I get the details I'll fill everyone in.

This is a bad bit of news

I picked this up via Jesse's Turkey Scratchings

I hope that everyone follows suit and copies and posts this on their blogs. I don't know Larry personally, but he is one of us, and the more of us that post, the more likely some information surfaces.

I'm posting this on behalf of Don Martin, Ariizona Wildlife Outfitters.

For those of you that haven't heard, my friend Larry Heathington, the owner of Sheep Limited, who lives in Williams has been missing since Friday, September 11th.

Larry was suppose to meet two clients on Friday in New Mexico to go on a private lands antelope hunt, and when his cousin last spoke to him he was two hours from Secorro.

He hasn't been heard from since Thursday afternoon. Larry was in his gray Ford F-350 Super Duty, towing his Jeep.

A missing person's report has been made with the Holbrook, AZ Police Department as someone close to Larry said they had seen his truck/jeep on Monday in Holbrook.

Please, we are very concerned about this situation and fear for Larry's safety. If you know Larry, you know it is not like him to not show up where and when he is suppose to.

If you know ANYTHING about where Larry is, or have seen his vehicles please contact the Holbrook PD 928-524-3991 or call me at 928-681-4867.

Thank you,
Don Martin Arizona Wildlife Outfitters

Larry is on right

Here is the picture of his jeep note the custom plates....SHPLTD ARIZONA PLATES


Anonymous said...

I'll pray for a good word and a quick return.

Gun Slinger said...

Albert and Rick,

I'm concerned that with the problems the border states are having, and the failure of the Federal Govt to secure our borders, Mr Heathington may have found himself in the wrong place.

Two high value off-road vehicles... and a border war in progress...

I don't know my friends, I just don't know.