Thursday, September 24, 2009

Making Wine and Riding the Dragon

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Just a quick "Check it out."

Hank, super duper wild food chef of Honest Food / Hunter, Angler,Gardener, Cook has posted a really neat monograph on wine making that is super neat.

Now as you all know, I think the world of Holly. So I was a little surprised when Hank asked her to crush the grapes old-school style.

I have always assumed Holly walked on water, so how was this going to work out?

Well as it turns out, I believe that Holly suspended the laws of physics for the crushing; problem solved, wine making continues, and all things are as they should be.

Close one...

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Gun Slinger said...

I'll tell you what, that Hank sure makes that fancy food look like something that everyone should aspire to. I am truly impressed by his wide variety of pursuits too. Great blog, thanks for pointing it out.

Shoot straight,