Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ronald McDonald Targeted by PeTA Thugs

From my cohorts at PeTA Watch

Yet another example of the lack of respect that PeTA and their supporters show others. Like most other extremists they will resort to almost any ploy to get their thoughtless agenda out in front of the public. Regardless of your position on McDonald's, the is no excuse for assaulting Ronald in front of children. Need I remind you that the McDonald's corporation funds the excellent Ronald McDonald House for ill children.

What has PeTa done for any child?

Ronald Attacked by PeTA Thug

"Violent vegan lobby, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has smashed a vegan pie in the face of the McDonald's character Ronald McDonald when he appeared on stage at South San Francisco Day in Orange Memorial Park on Saturday.

The incident occoured in front of an audience of children and is part of the lobby's "I'm Hatin' It" campaign which seeks to pressure the chain to adopt 'controlled-atmosphere stunning' for its chickens. This method is currently not commercially viable or used widely in the United States.

Violence is a recurring tactic for the lobby despite claims it "respects all animals including the 'human' variety." SFist

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native said...

Had I been there Albert,
I would have (not so gently) tackled that piece of crap and made a citizens arrest for ASSAULT!

Shows how spineless those fruits in S.F. are by letting a piece of dirt walk away after such abhorrent behavior.

Michael Spinelli said...

PeTA's agenda is so extreme, that I wonder what kind of feeble minded people follow them?

The medical community is on the verge of spinal injury recovery breakthroughs, and PeTA want's to end it.

PeTA has supported the domestic terrorists in the ALF and ELF.

Why, I ask, would any parent allow their children to even associate with people like that? And then we wonder why the USA seems to be sinking in a morass of irresponsibility and lack of compassion.

Mike S.

Paladin said...

I've said it before - but I wish PETA had it's own TV network. They just can't help themselves from looking like idiots whenever they get the chance. I love it when they expose themselves for the extremists they are- which happens pretty much any time there's a camera around.

It's much easier to combat that sort of crazy - as opposed to the slicker, more PR savvy extremists in the HSUS and often the odd local branch of the SPCA that goes off the rez.