Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Black Tail Deer Drawing at Native Hunt!

T. Mike Riddle; Native Hunt
Press Release 10/01/09

Doves, Hogs, Dovepaloosa and the Native Hunt Blog

As always we are doing new, exciting, and innovative things here at the Native Hunt ranches and headquarters.

We just wrapped up our annual Labor Day Dove Shoot and feast, and let me tell you it was quite an event. All throughout California everyone was complaining about the low numbers of Dove and how an early cold front drove most of them in a southerly direction towards warmer climates. Although the numbers were considerably lower this year compared to previous ones out at the Native Hunt ranches, most everyone still was able to fill out both days during the event, and best of all, there were enough of the tasty little birds to go around for our yearly feast this year as well, and I gotta' tell you, Hank Shaw (Honest Food Blog) cooked them up as fine as he did for last year's Dovapalooza, as so coined by Hank himself!

Many, many thanks go out to Hank, Holly (Nor Cal Cazadora) and our very own Evandro Brandao for the five star cuisine during that fun filled weekend!

This year was a bit different from all of the previous years, in that we opened this particular shoot up to the public (in the past this was a "By Invitation Only Event") and we had a few Wild Boar, Ram hunters, Dove shooters out with us this time who took advantage of our package special. Everything went nicely as they always do here at our ranches with everyone filling their tags and then joining us on our dove hunt outing the day afterward.

Phillip and his double ready to shoot some doves!

We have received nothing but positive feedback from all of our guests including very high praises for our Native Hunt Professional Guide Staff, and the consistent theme in the running commentary was "We had fun, Fun, and more FUN during our stay at the Native Hunt Facility's"!

So I believe that we just might run that very same special for next year's event again!

We also began filming the pilot for our Reality Series during this past Labor Day weekend as well. Most all of the outdoor channels which feature hunting shows/videos are in essence, nothing more than giant infomercials that hawk their own wares or are channeled towards selling popular hunting gear, and all of the corresponding products associated with them.Our goal here is to show what really goes on behind the scenes of an outfit such as ours, because this is a business just like any other business, and there is a lot of hard work, detail and logistical planning that goes into a client's happy success on the actual day of their hunt. And yes, we will show all of the bloopers in all of their glory and splendor, this will be a true to life reality series, mistakes and the like, so look for this project to be completed by year's end.

Now on to the good stuff which you all have been waiting for, our current special of the month! This month we are giving away a free hunt to anyone who can bring along 5 other paid guest's at the current rate for a 2 day, full service Wild Boar hunt. Just simply call in and talk to the front office to set your hunt date and for details between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. That number as always is 1-888-HUNT-321.

This Ol' boy was snapped from the back of the truck by Jimmy (ranch foreman) in the early morning hours at the Jolon Ranch.The Eurasian Wild Boar sport's a nice wooly coat, even in the middle of summer. Them teeth ain't bad either!

Good Hunting To You All,
T. Michael Riddle

P.S. Don't forget to go over to our brand new Native Hunt Blog and leave a message for us in the comment section, your name and contact information will then be placed into a drawing for a FREE BLACK TAIL DEER HUNT for the 2010 California deer season!


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