Friday, October 9, 2009

Quick and Dirty: Linking to Other Blog

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Make Linking Part of Your Blogging!

Wild Ed at Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors asked me to expand on linking after I posted the note on Linking to Each Other on Oct 4th.

In the preceding sentence I used a couple of different hyperlinks to illustrate linking methods. (By the way, I will use the words link and hyperlink interchangeably.) The first is the link directly to Wild Ed's blog, while the second is a link to one of my own posts. There is a third, but we'll talk about that one in just a moment.

There are several reasons to link to someone else's blog. The first and foremost should be because you value what they have written and want to share it with others. Links are a great way to not only improve your own posts, but actually invite people to view what you value on the internet. For instance on my Saturday Blog Rodeos, I highlight many of the posts that I go through every day.

If you right click, open in new tab, on the SBR link, you will find yet another link tactic that you can use. If you are using labels, you can find them in the bottom of your publishing frame, you can use those labels to gather all posts that are similar and have them all come up on a single page. You can copy that url, and create a hyper link with that url! Use your labels judiciously, come up with as many labels as you need, without going overboard! I did go overboard, but now I use a limited number of them.

You can hyperlink to a picture. Select the picture, and then hit the link button up there, and copy the URL to the little window that pops open. You will notice I used that to link Ed's Picture to his blog, and all of these other ones too.

Another good reason to link is to help a fellow blog get some readership. Nothing like throwing a couple of their links in your posts and comments, and introducing them to your circle of readers.

You might do as I do, and include links to your own material in your comments. This allows other readers of that blog to also make your acquaintance.

So the long and the short of it is, link to anything you think is valuable. Share the blogs out there with other folks. Direct others to your blog by putting links in your comments.

If you hover over a link, right click on that link, copy, paste it on your compose window, and then switch to html view, you will see how a link is formatted.Or you can just do it the easy way: type out what you want it to say, hit the little html link button up there, and copy the link location/url of the page.

You should have a text document where you paste hyperlink html for future use. I've secured the hyperlinks to most of my posts on a text document, in addition to the urls to many of the blogs I read.

OK one more technique. Everyone should have their backlinks allowed to make it easy for others to link to their posts. You may notice that sometimes I will have a single sentence link to a post I think is good, and that I want to bring some attention to. I also link to it to increase its authority. Listen, Y'all are my friends, and I want YOUR posts coming up on the google search near the top. So I link a lot! You can even do the link from the comments section where it says "Create a link", save it as a draft, put your current post in it, and put something like "Other Great Posts" over it near the bottom. See the example below.

So there you have it. If it doesn't make sense to you, make a note of it in the comments and I'll try to make it clearer. And get out there and do some linking, both to your own stuff, and to people you like.

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Anonymous said...

This was a very good post and some good info to help. I totally agree that linking is a good thing and have been trying to do that as much as possible.
By banning together like that it only makes the outdoor blogosphere stronger.

Wild Ed said...

Thanks guys I will try more often to have links to your sites. The more we link to similar sites the more all our readers get to cover. It is amazing some of the information available on these sites. Ed

Albert A Rasch said...


Always my pleasure to help out. I have found that the more I link to you fellows and all the others, the greater my readership has become!

My goal now is to link other folks posts that relate to what I am writing on my blog posts. That may take a little work, but I think I can manage it on a regular basis.

Anyway, thanks for linking and keep up the good posts!

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch
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Six Reasons to take a Whitetail Doe

Michael Spinelli said...


That is pretty much what I do, albeit at a much smaller scale than you. Outdoor bloggers are such a great voice of reason, that we really should promote each other as much as possible.

Mike S

Deer Tracking Cameras said...

Great post and good points Al.

Linking to others that provide good quality info helps everyone out.

Your link to Ed's Trophy Cam review turned me on to that game camera, and I'm now a happy owner.

Thanks for sharing.

John said...


Great post on linking to other blogs. Something that I will have to try.

I'm wondering how can one get added to your incredible blogroll on your site?



Anonymous said...

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