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Linking to Each Other, an Important Consideration

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I think it's important to link to other bloggers on a regular basis. I'm sure you are all familiar with the Saturday Morning Blog rodeo, but I also link to individual posts on a regular basis.

Another thing I am going to start to do is add related posts from other bloggers to the bottom of my posts. Again, it gives good exposure to a lot of other folks work that is just as important, and in many cases more so than what I wrote!

Photo Credit: Othmar Voringer

Case in point. Othmar Vohringer writes a lot of great posts that just shouldn't be missed or forgotten. I've drifted back in his archives and pulled a few up for everyone's attention.

"While it is true that a turkey can be shot with a magnum load and large pellets – heck you could even use buckshot - there is more to choosing the right load than just picking any shot shell box that says “Turkey Load” or something to that effect on it."

Find the rest at:
Wild Turkey Fever: Which shot?

It's a short post by Othmar, but fact filled and full of good advise. I'm taking it and heading out to country with a half dozen different loads, several dozen brown paper bags, and an armful of newspaper so I can pattern my H&R 12 gauge properly. I want to make sure I am ready for Spring turkey season.

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Gun Slinger said...


That is so true! SEO, Authority, factors in links quite heavily. The more links that come to you from sites, the more likely you will be on the first page of the search window.

With a powerful and popular blog like this, the links you give out are weighed even more strongly than most!

Thanks for all the linking you do.

Shoot Straight

Anonymous said...

Albert, I agree. I try to link as much as possible. I feel that is why the outdoor community has done so well because of linking back and forth.

Wild Ed said...

Albert I hate to be the old
f-a-r-t computer illiterate but there is a lot about links I do not understand. It would be great if you or one of your blogger buddies would do a how to on linking to other blogs. I have learned a great deal in the last year but much of this is still Greek to me and I would bet to some others. Thanks, Wild Ed

Albert A Rasch said...

Wild Ed,

Already started on the post!

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