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Bull Moose Hunting Society

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Sometime in late September, just before I left for Afghanistan, I became acquainted with the Bull Moose Hunting Society. Started by Nick Zigelbaum and Nick Chase, the Bull Moose Hunting Society was designed from the outset to educate and assist other urban dwellers on the intricacies of hunting. 
I was especially taken with their Mission Statement which, quite frankly, is a masterpiece of English prose.  Take a moment and read it in its entirety.

"Leave no trace, take a clean shot, respect the animal, be a part of nature; these are qualities we at the Bull Moose Hunting Society express and would like to instill in a new generation of hunters, of human predators. Where the government of this country fails to establish ethical hunting guidelines, we educate and inform. Where the urbanized people of this country are removed from nature, we provide a means to return. Where the private landowners fear the few yet recognizably disrespectful and wasteful hunters, we are an alternative. Bull Moose is an organization dedicated to providing a means for those of us who have lost our instincts, our predatory skills and our connection to the wild world to get those parts of ourselves back. We provide guidance through state hunting regulations and equipment purchases. We provide a link between private landowners and responsible, ethical hunters like ourselves. And most importantly, we bring the wild out in you."

When I consider that these two young San Francisco urbanites have eloquently and succinctly summed up what many of us have been teaching and elucidating upon for years, I am glad that their are still some bright and articulate Americans left!

I spoke with Zigelbaum for a few moments before leaving last October, and promised that I would do a write up and interview. As soon as I have settled in and gotten back into some kind of groove, (And before I have to leave again...) I will coordinate with the two Nicks and give you all an in depth report!

In the meantime, take a look at their website.  Consider becoming a member of the Bull Moose Hunting Society to help support what I think is an excellent and worthwhile organization. If you are local to them give them a call and join! I know that when I get back permanently, I will be starting a Sarasota chapter when the National Lodge accepts our application!

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Murphyfish said...

Hey Albert,
That bit of text has really grabbed my attention; I’ll be winging over to the site after dropping you this comment. Thanks for the heads up.

SimplyOutdoors said...

That is definitely one incredible paragraph. This organization sounds like they have their head on straight, and no exactly what their mission is.

Too bad I'm no where close to them.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Such a great idea isn't it, also worth a mention in the same breath is jack Landers who writes

Good to see you posting with your usual vim and vigor Albert, I missed you man

Tovar Cerulli said...

According to their website, BMH is starting chapters in multiple cities around the country. I don't know if any will be near you, SimplyO.