Friday, March 12, 2010

Native Hunt Hog Specials

My very good friend T. Michael Riddle, owner and steward of Native Hunt properties, forwarded a very special deal for anyone interested in taking some California feral hogs.

T. Michael writes:

Native Hunt has something for you, our loyal customers and friends!

"As is the case with any struggling economy, the negative effects on business stretch deep and wide. I have personally witnessed three major nationwide recessions in my 50 years of living here in the U.S.A., and each time it has been the same with the service industry, an industry which includes outdoor sports such as: Hiking, Camping, Fishing and HUNTING.

You have seen the effects of recession on the service industry at your local restaurants. As clientele drops, so do the number of employees making good service wishful thinking. Then the perks and freebies, like free refills & bread, become things of the past. Next to go is the advertising budget. As the number of patrons continues to dwindle, the restaurant is forced to lower the quality of the food by buying cheaper ingredients and hiring cheaper chefs... Pretty soon the restaurant is a totally different place and they are forced to close their doors forever.

We here at NATIVE HUNT have acted completely contrary to the norm during this recession and we have actually hired MORE EMPLOYEES, remained a FULL SERVICE OUTFITTER and have added some FREE PERKS* to our already existing ones. Where others have cut marketing budgets, we have kept our advertising going strong. But most importantly, we have listened to YOU the customer, and have worked hard at improving what we do here at NATIVE HUNT to make it the best possible customer experience in the industry!

As a direct result of our diligence and commitment to place our customer's satisfaction and hunting experience as our first priority, we have not had to close our gates. We have all seen other hunting companies go the way of the dinosaur these last two years, while Native Hunt is still going strong. We owe this success to you, our valued clients; and we have therefore come up with our best offers to-date to extend exclusively to our priority customers.

As you know we added new property to our list of leased lands, and this particular ranch is located a mere 2 minutes away from our PRIEST VALLEY RANCH and will afford you the opportunity to experience all of our properties while still only staying for one night.

This newest addition has not been hunted for several years and is literally over run with Wild Hogs, Black-tailed Deer, Turkey and Tule Elk!

For the regular price of $975.00 (a standard Feral Hog Hunt) we will allow you to take a second Feral Hog for FREE! You read that right. At no extra charge you will be able to take home DOUBLE the amount of MEAT!
This deal will only be available to the first 10 people that contact us so stop what you are doing and CALL 1.888.HUNT.321 now.

As always, we are still offering our standard FREE PERKS*, FIRST CLASS FACILITIES, and unmatched TIER 1 SERVICE to all of our hunters.

Happy Hunting to you all and I am looking forward to a very fruitful and prosperous year here in 2010 for us all!"

T. Michael Riddle


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"At Native Hunt, we focus on providing guests with absolute Tier I service. Our goal since we began operation in 1990 is that guests should be able to spend their days in the rugged outdoors hunting exotic game or exploring the property with one of our adventure tours, yet still be provided with great comfort and luxury in the wilderness. Native Hunt’s focus is entirely on the guest; giving them a memorable, successful hunting experience, while at the same time providing an extravagant retreat."
Mike Riddle, CEO Native Hunt

If you are considering a trophy hunt for Corsican Sheep, or perhaps a mixed bag of exotic game, give Native Hunt a call and book a hunt. Mike runs an exceptional operation that caters to his clients needs and desires. Native Hunt is a licensed, state-bonded, and insured hunting guide service. They have been in business since 1990 with ranches located in beautiful Monterey and Fresno counties. A hunt at Native Hunt will be a hunt to remember!

Native Hunt

Contact Native Hunt with any questions or to make reservations:
General Questions:
Hunting Questions:
Bookings: 408-837-0733
Or call toll free: 1-888-HUNT-321

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Rick Kratzke said...

Now all that sounds like a great deal and a fantastic time. Sorry to say I can't even afford the basic price for the hunt.

Who ever does take advantage I am sure they will have a good time.

native said...

Thank you so much for the mention Albert!
I have been remiss in keeping up with the blog lately as I have been dealing with the suicide of a good friend of mine for more than 20 years.

His widow will be visiting next week to spread his ashes over at one of our properties which Bill liked to visit as often as he could.

Thanks for the mention, it has proved to be a very successful campaign and we are talking about doing it again soon!