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Saturday Blog Rodeo 03/13/10

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Blog Rodeo: 03/13/10

Wow, another week has gone by, and Saturday has arrived, and it is time for my usual fare: another Blog Rodeo! How time flies when you are having fun!

Once again, I've been roaming the hinterlands of the hunting and outdoorsmen's internet and as usual, I've picked out posts that I especially enjoyed this past week from all of blogs I follow, and some that I found.

(Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; it spreads the word, and it's always nice to give a little link love to your fellow bloggers!)
First up today is Recruiting New Hunters Works, Othmar Vohringer has some statistics on new hunters in British Columbia, Canada. "In total, province wide 6,599 new hunters graduated from the course. Of these, and that is what thrills me most, 1,421 were women and 1,975 of the students were under the age of 19." What is great is that now OV has new numbers to shoot for next year! What if everyone recruited one sportsman this coming year?

The Mallard of Discontent.
I can go on for quite some time about how I wish I had his wit, his command of prose, and his great perspective. But I don't. So pointless griping as a coping mechanism is useless! On the other hand, Pointless griping as a coping mechanism for lack of fish, considers the likely and ultimate demise of the paper and ink magazine and his desire for a "literature" centric outdoor magazine. I can't blame him. The only magazine I buy now is Double Gun Journal.But I'll have to check out a couple of his suggestions.

Ben G at Ben G Outdoors has a laudable set of goals he has posted and intends to follow through on!   That is a great thing for any Blogger to do. Last year, after the SHOT Show I did something very similar and it really helped me to focus my efforts and produce some concrete results via my Blog.

SBW posted this March 1st, but I only got to it yesterday but it is another one of SBW's well woven tales! Spinning: A Yarn With An Urban Fly GuySBW is on the River Thames, and:
Building Site Guys: “Should we come and get you out?’
SBW: “No No I’ll be fine”. [gives cheery wave]
 You ought to read how it got to that point, I hate to ruin a good story!

Image Credit: Born to Track
Born to Track has a great note on Drahthaars tracking dogs. "The ultimate field test for the 100% trained Drahthaar is the Utility Test (VGP). This test allows evaluation in 26 categories, and 18 different hunting situations." "Drahthaars have a lot on their plate by the time they are 2 years old. Pointing, land and water searches and retrieves, fur and feather drags, rabbit tracks."  Very versatile dogs me thinks! lots of information on Born to Track for anyone that is interested in blood tracking or tracking with dogs.

I know I say this just about every week, but Borepatch has another post that is just outstanding.  Trace Adkins - Fightin Words, sums up pretty much what any one of us who has about had it with today's political correctness. Short digression: Back in Afghanistan, I was walking into the PAX terminal, when a little jerk, short on manners, shoved his way out the door. There was a woman in front of me carrying her tray of food in front of her, which due to the jerk's insolent behavior was now plastered to the front of her ACUs. My hand shot out past her and slammed into the thugs chest, stopping him short.  I hard shove and the SOB was sitting on his ass back inside the terminal. Heads snapped and swiveled as I helped the lady in, and turned to finish the business at hand. But, a sharp word from a female Captain cut the ensuing bloodshed short. But I, sure as there is an American flag waving over Bagram, am not going to tolerate that kind of behavior from anyone, ever.

Finally, Dayne over at Hunting Business Marketing has a great post on "patterns." Finding Successful Patterns uses Dayne's fantastic writing technique of using analogies and big name examples to illustrate his idea. I was reminded of a few things that really are helpful for the blogger and businessman.


I am just going to point you to these two bloggers. Next week I'll spotlight them, but for the time being just want to point them out to you.

First is The Locavore Hunter™ who was pointed out to me by our friend SBW. Well written and thoughtful I recommend it highly.  Next is Tovar Cerulli's blog People. Animals. Nature. Written from the vantage point of a Vegan turned hunter, it's another well written blog!

Remember to let me know if there is something you want me to highlight for you! And don't forget, leave a little note on folk's blogs and let them know you stop by and appreciate their work.

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Thanks for the mention, have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Definitely good blogs to stop by and browse, nice job Albert.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert! It is great to see you back in the blogosphere!! When watching and reading the news about the goings on over in Afghanistan, you always crossed my mind. Stay safe, big fella!

And thank you for the links to check out. Tovar actually stopped by my blog and made a comment. His blog looks like good reading. I'll be sure to check out the others.

Tovar Cerulli said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Albert!