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Saturday Blog Rodeo 7/24/10

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 07/24/10

Holy Smokes! Another week has come and gone and I am still in one piece even though the Talibannanas have tried their darnedest to blow me up. Silly zealots! Don't they know that Trix are for kids? And speaking of crazy stuff, how does Al Gore find the time to keep all this stuff coming up around his Internet?

Anyway, once again I bring to you the posts and commentaries that I found most entertaining and informative! And believe it or not, none of it has anything to do with Kid Rock, Lady GaGa, or wardrobe malfunctions!

NOTE: Those of you that have comments embedded within your post, I cannot comment on your blog because of the MilNet's filters. I'm really sorry that I can't comment because there are so many posts that I wish to leave a note on! Very frustrating...

So let's get started!

I found this blog through a series of "Blog Hops." You know, Blog Hops... when you jump from one blog to another through the comments page? Anyway, John Dollar fly fishes western North Carolina, and the pictures alone are well worth the visit! Check out his post "Seven Bridges Road": WNC Treasures, and enjoy the rest of his blog!

Image Credit: Joel DeJong
The following Blog deserves a post all its own. Joel DeJong's blog, A Year on the Fly is, in his own words, "Mixing my love of Fly Fishing with my need to practice my painting, the posts are centered around the subject of the flies used in the art of Fly Fishing." Beautiful work is all I have to say! He sells some of his work, and I can't imagine better decor for one's office.

Continuing with the fishing theme, I caught up with Troutrageous! It's a well put together blog with a lot of humor and great pictures. He says, "I'm usually good about trolling around the internet for trouty tasting news morsels..." And that he does, with notes and comments about all sorts of fishing related activities.

Image Credit: MuddlerMan
Adventures in Mudderland is MuddlerMan's flyfishing blog. "Don't really know where to start with this one folks. Sunday was an absolutely epic day of fishing." He fishes the Blue Ridge Parkway out their in the Appalachias. If you need any proof as to why MTR must be stopped, then see what would be destroyed; MuddlerMan's pictures speak far more eloquently than I ever can. Unfortunately I can't comment on his blog, so if any of you stop by, please let him know I appreciate his blog!

I guess we are going to do an all fishing Blog Rodeo after all!

Image Credit: Dave Mckenzie
One of the things that is just amazing to me, is the quality of the photography you find on blogs now-a-days. Bay Area Backwaters is a case in point. I am amazed by the depth of color, the composition, and the variety of photos! Just take a look at some of the fish that Dave Mckenzie has captured with his camera. Oh, he caught them first with hook and line, just to be clear.

Surprise! I was Blog Hopping and lo and behold who should appear? Why Outdoor Blogger Summit Founding Member Othmar Vohringer! Now here is a man that walks the walk, and does a lot of good talking about it too! BC Fishing Blog is OV's, what else, fishing blog. It is just chock full of his musings, ideas, commentaries, hints and advise. This is from the dean of British Columbia's outdoor sports! Check it out!

I am running out of time here folks. A war waits for no one. As that is the case, I will spotlight one more. Bigerrfish. "A gentle tributary awaits. A slow walk makes for a shower of knowledge, A man must teach these things to his boy." His post Ok But You Have to Share the Rod is a great father and son fishing trip story with lots of photos.

Here are a few more that I liked:
Blog Cabin Angler
Fishing with Dad
Fly and Fin
Midge Man's Fly Box

I actually have a dozen or more blogs to highlight, but it will have to wait until during the week. I may do them individually or in groups of a few just depending on the time I have.

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troutrageous1 said...

That's for inclusion in the Blog Rodeo. Honored to be listed among some other really great blogs.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Albert,
Thanks for the heads up, only following Mel at 'Blog cabin angler' (a really nice guy by the way, so it'll be interesting to check some others out.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks for stopping by fellows!

The real thanks goes to Troutrageous! He has a great list of blogs that he follows and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the blogs that are out there.

Best regards,

AYearOnTheFly said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am going to enjoy following your blog, and lookng forward to getting some great hunting tips.