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National Hunting and Fishing Day 9/25/10

National Hunting and Fishing Day
Saturday, September 25, 2010

With National Hunting and Fishing Day on my mind, I am going to have several posts concentrating on tips and ideas that you can use to help celebrate our sporting heritage.
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I urge everyone to do something along the way and especially on the 25th to further our mutual love for the outdoors. It can be something as simple as taking someone who has never fished out on a shoreline, lake, or pond, to perhaps giving a talk to school children on the conservation and preservation work that outdoor sportsmen do for the benefit of all.

Remember, it is all up to us to do what we can, because even the smallest thing you do, pays off in huge dividends!

Sincerely, your friend,
Albert A Rasch

Join Us in a Nationwide Celebration:
Hunt. Shoot. Fish. Share the pride!
With permission from NHFD

More than a century ago, hunters and anglers were the first to recognize that development and unregulated uses of wildlife were threatening the future of many species. President Theodore Roosevelt, a very active hunter and angler, supported the call for the first laws to restrict commercial harvest of wildlife. While enjoying National Hunting and Fishing Day, it may be worthwhile to consider the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation's seven basic principles, which enable you to have such great hunting and fishing opportunities:

  • Fish and wildlife are public resources. Throughout the United States, wildlife is held in common ownership by the state for the benefit of all people.

  • Markets for trade in black bass and other wildlife and sportfish are carefully restricted, removing a huge threat to sustaining those species.

  • States allow sustainable use of sport fish and wildlife by law, not by market pressures, land ownership or special privilege. The public has input into how these resources are allocated.

  • The democracy of hunting is emphasized. In North America, anyone in good standing may participate.

  • Hunters and anglers fund conservation, including protections for wildlife species that are not harvested, by purchasing hunting and fishing licenses and paying excise taxes on recreational equipment.

  • Many fish and wildlife species are an international resource. Species, such as migratory fish, transcend boundaries, requiring cooperative management.

  • Science is the proper tool for developing fisheries policy. This is a key concept of fish and wildlife management emphasized by Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold and many other conservation leaders.

  • In the 37 years since Congress formalized National Hunting and Fishing Day, a variety of celebrities have volunteered to serve as honorary chairman, lending their fame to help build public support for sporting traditions. Sports pros, actors and other personalities have served (see list below). But history shows that country music/entertainment has produced the most flag-bearers for the hunting, fishing and conservation community.

    That’s no surprise, according to a marketing exec with Capitol Records Nashville. She says country music, like hunting and fishing themselves, reflects a lifestyle. Other genres are more about emotion and instrumentation. Luke Bryan, the country sensation who proudly presided over the Sept. 26, 2009, celebration of NHF Day, is a case in point. Bryan’s hunting and fishing passions helped shape him as an artist, and continue to influence his path to stardom. “I feel very proud to be a part of this,” said Bryan. “I’m looking forward to the coming year. I hope to help grow awareness of what hunters and anglers do for conservation, and just promote hunting and fishing overall. "

    Wonders of Wildlife, in Springfield, Mo., is the official home of National Hunting and Fishing Day. The museum coordinates public education and awareness campaigns to promote traditional outdoor sports.

    The growing list of sponsors for National Hunting and Fishing Day 2010 includes Wonders of Wildlife, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Bass Pro Shops, The Sportsman Channel, Realtree,, Hunting Heritage Trust, Cabela’s, Boone and Crockett Club, Smith & Wesson, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Woolrich, and Yamaha.

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