Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Look for the Chronicles

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Hello everyone! Greetings from Kandahar!

Well, I thought it high time for a face lift and a new look for The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles. Though I was mighty pleased with the original template, I was, quite frankly, getting tired of it - maybe bored is a better choice of words.

So I saved the old template, (Just in case...) and fiddled around with this one. I'm still tweaking it. I'm not satisfied with the font colors that are the default ones, and you all know that I use a dark red color for quotes. Those will have to change; if I have a hard time with them, then so will many of you.

It got me to thinking about a couple of things while I was at it.

As bloggers, we are always trying to garner attention to our site by having good material and content. I think that it's a good idea to occasionally mix things up a bit with a new layout, or even a new template. I regularly switch the order of the "gadgets" on the side column, and for a while I would change the header picture once a month. This weekend for instance, had I been home and had full access to the net and computer, I would have used Blake's header since I am writing about fishing and fishing blogs.

Unless you one of those folks that tweak the html, you should have too much trouble switching from one template to another.  And unless you radically change the widths of your outside columns, you shouldn't have to redo any pictures or links you may have created. The Blogger gadgets adjust themselves.

I would appreciate it if you notice any glitches or anything that makes you stop and have to work to make out. I can't see some of the gadgets I know I have, but that is due to the MilNet filters... I think.

So to recap. Change things up a bit every now and again. Try a new layout, switch things around, maybe even give a different template a go!

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Hey fella
Liking the new look, having a few text colour issues myself.

Good to hear you're well

NorCal Cazadora said...

Wow, even from that angle, Blake looks WAY OLDER than he did when I first started reading your blog. Looks like a young man now!

I like the changes. But I think I got all the change I could handle on my blog over winter break - I'm gonna let her ride a while. The only change I'd like is MORE INCOME! If anyone knows how to MAKE people click on ads and buy products, lemme know and I'll make that change post haste.

Albert A Rasch said...


That picture is almost a year old, you should see him now. He must be three or four inches bigger than he was then.

Thanks for stopping by!

CDGardens said...

The changes are looking good here at The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.

I have done a recent overhaul to my blog as well, and will probably continue to change things around from now on.

Tovar said...

I like the new look, Albert! And thanks for the blog roll listing.

Travel safe.

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Nice new look . . . I agree, its nice to switch things up from time to time. Not only for your audience but for yourself as well.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Albert,
The new look works well for me and is easy on the eye. Stay safe my good man.