Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And the Yo-Yo's Continue to Arrive

Yo-Yo's are a Huge Hit!

Bob N., one of Bridgid's Home on the Range readers, saw the post and banner that Brigid is so graciously flying, and decided to help us out with a generous donation of Duncan Yo-Yo's!

I tried to e-mail you, but unfortunately it wouldn't deliver.

Your Yo-Yo's have arrived in KAF! (Kandahar Air Field) I can't thank you enough for your generosity and consideration. As I have told all of my friends and participants, I am especially gratified that you took the time to do something for the young men and women that are here. They don't always have it comfortable, and there isn't all that much to do. The newness of being far away and in a foreign land rubs off right quick after a couple of miserable meals and a rocket punctuated, sleepless night. Believe you me, watching them eagerly tear the packageing open shows how much they appreciate the tokens of your esteem.

Thanks again for your support!

With fondest regards,
Albert A Rasch

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Lweson said...

Ive even started a Facebook group for this project.

K said...

A few more are on the way. Mailed yesterday. My local Wally World was rearranging and only had a few so there was room left in the box, a friend told me what to add as filler. Hope it's ok.