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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old School is the New School: Yo-Yo's for Troops!

Howdy everyone, and greetings from somewhere out East in Afghanistan!

Crazy Ali must have heard about the Yo-Yo's for Troops Campaign, and thought it another nefarious plot by this impious, impudent, irreverent, and insolent Infidel, to thwart and subvert the Talibananna's evil plot of world domination! They done tried their burkha clad best to fire us up, only to come up snake eyes and very dead! Poor buggers don't know when they should just up and quit, and take up farming...

 My British buddies sending off another care package
 to our Taliban neighbors!

Well as you might imagine, the spinning discs of counter terrorism continue to arrive, exacerbating Ali's irritable bowels! M Graham, another Home on the Range reader, has forwarded a handful of Yo-Yo's for distribution!  Mr G is an old school Yo-Yo'er from back in the day! I can't thank him, and everyone that has helped, enough for being so generous and thoughtful.

By the way, Lweson has put together a Facebook page on the Yo-Yo's for Troops project. I can't access Facebook, but do go and "friend it" and ask all your friends do the same! (umm, did I say that right?)

Best Regards!
Albert A Rasch
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The Avenger said...


I will be sending you a few within the day. I too wish to thank you for your efforts, but also the men and women that you are helping.

Thank You,
Michael A.
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Michael Spinelli said...

"the spinning discs of counter terrorism continue to arrive, exacerbating Ali's irritable bowels!"

Mr Rasch, have you no fear!?!?

Mirthfully yours!
Mike S