Friday, August 6, 2010

Break Out the Clubs and Sap Gloves!

A real discussion ensues!!!
See the comments!

Wid Ed busts out a thought provoking post on added protection for the Texas Alligator Gar! Battlelines are being drawn, and good fun will be had by all!

And I might go and get myself blown up before it's all over... @#$%^! Tell me life doesn't suck.

UPDATE: I can't get on the Aim Low Productions website. Would someone please get me their email address and send it to me or comment with it.

Albert "Still in Afghanistan..." Rasch


Hippo said...

I went to their website but could not find an email address as such, just a pop up window to send them a message. So I did saying that you were a war hero and hunting blogger about to go on a Himmelfahrts Kommando in Afghanistan and would really love to hear from your idols at Aim Low TV. I sent them the link to your blog.

There were three sending options:

Robin Parks
Keith Riehn

I sent the same message to all of them.

Best I could do but I have to make a nice curry because today is Friday and that means I get Dominic for the whole weekend!

Albert A Rasch said...


You are a gentleman and a scholar!

Albert "Yes, it is true. The Dutch do have a pub in KAF, and no we are not allowed in it." Rasch

Hippo said...

Aah, this curry smells good. Fresh Coriander leaves, succulent beef, 'burning bum by morning' chillies, ripe plum tomatoes, my home made garam masala and cocunut milk. Pity you can't join us...

Scrub yourself up as best you can and then invite the Dutch to your tent for a barbecue, they are so polite, they would never dream of turning up empty handed. In case they don't know, they aren't really a military race after all, remind them that you can hide quite a few tinnies inside the plastic transit case for an 81mm Mortar bomb... and it comes with a neat carrying strap. They could pretend they were out on patrol.

By the way, do they have a coffee shop? It is illegal to smoke tobacco in a public place in Holland but, oddly, pure marijuana is legal in their coffee long as you don't mix in a bit of tobacco, they are quite strict on that.