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Saturday Blog Rodeo 8/7/10

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 08/7/10
And here we are again, another week has come and gone and I am still unscathed and unrepentant! Its not everyday that you wake up to the screaming whistle of a 107 rocket, but if that doesn't put gray in my beard then nothing else will.  Does anyone know if Al Gore has come around here and checked on the whole global warming thing? Those rockets really put out a lot of hot air!

I don't want to get to emotional here, but once again I bring to you the posts and commentaries that I found most entertaining and informative this week! And believe it or not, none of it has anything to do with the Chinese penetration of cyberspace, Milli Vanilli, or anyone's lower colon!

Ladies are front and center this week!

The lovely and very talented Brigid, writer extraordinaire of Home on the Range, has shared some childhood memories with us, brought to mind by the Yo-To's for Troops campaign! A Yo-Yo of a Story introduces her readers to our campaign and then delves into what it was to be a child with an imagination. "Our imaginations were not provoked by PlayStations or GameBoys. Our play burst out of something within our own minds, shouting forth as we charged the next hill..."

As usual, NorCal Cazadora never disappoints! A fascinating post, Killing the barn rabbit: Unsporting, unethical or highly moral?, delivers the kind of intellectual stimulation and fun that we have come to expect from Holly's prolific pen! "Hunting helps connect me to what I am, free of the adornments of civilization. One of the adornments of civilization is doing just the kind of overthinking I've done here - it's the luxury of a mind "liberated" from the realities of life." And that's just from the comments!!!

Deer Passion is busy being a mom, but she finds the time to write about the kinds of things that are important to us both as sportsman and ethical hunters. Finding a Quality Outfitter touches on several subjects that would trouble me if I was trying to find a guide or outfitter. It seems that a group of never-do-wells have started an "outfitter's" outfit in her neck of the woods. Imagine spending a whole bunch of money on a hunt, and getting arrested for trespassing!

New to me is I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods by Kari Murray. She's practical, down to earth, and loads of fun to read. She's working on getting a big ol' bear, and has documented the process on  her post Baiting for Bear 101. She has a trail cam all set up so she has lots of great pictures to share.

You know who I have not heard from in a long time? Borderland Adventures: Her Perspective I went to check on her blog, but she hasn't posted in almost a year. I've emailed her just to check and see if she's ok. I'm sure that she is, and raising kids is tough business too!

I mentioned Midge Man's Fly Box last week, and I will do it again! His post Trip Notes, has convinced me that Colorado is where I need to be! That's it. Decided. As long as the gun laws are liberal, (Ummm conservative? Y'all know what I mean!) I will be a happy camper! I'm sending the Mrs the link and starting operation... "Onward, Westward!" Ummm, I'll let you all know how that works out for me...

Wild Ed has been building a boat, and it looks like he will be building the accesories too. Turning Canoe Paddles into a Double Blade Kayak Paddle is another great do it yourself project that I am pleased to have read. I need something like that for my next Pirogue! Normally I don't usually highlight two posts, but this one is also very important and educational. Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors: Texas Alligator Gar Deserve Better Protection covers these beautiful saurian fish and the importance of protecting and conserving them for future generations. Believe you me, this post will be highlighted in the "Best of the Outdoor Bloggers" series.

I don't quite remember how I bumped into Fall Roads Archer, but it is certainly worth the time to look his blog over. Really nice story lines, beautiful, real pictures, and just a great outdoorsy feel!

Remember, if you happen to bump into a post or blog you really like, let me know and I'll include it in my next Blog Rodeo!

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