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Paralyzed Veterans of America: Let's Give a Hand!

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An Easy Way to Help Paralyzed Veterans

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I received this via E-mail today and stopped for a moment to let everyone know. Here is a simple way to start your day, right after you check your emails and you will be helping veterans! Had I known sooner I would have had this up when it started!

You can have the opportunity to vote for the Paralyzed Veterans of America in the Pepsi Refresh Project and help them secure funds for the organization.

You can vote once each day, right after you read all the other stuff that is in your inbox!

The offer by Pepsi runs through the end of September for the Paralyzed Veterans of America at

Go ahead and click over there right now, and add it to your favorites for the next week

When the Paralyzed Veterans of America wins, Pepsi's Good Idea organization will donate $250,000 to  Paralyzed Veterans of America that they can use to fund outreach programs for paralyzed vets. The PVA WebSite says "it will use the grants funds to sponsor 50 newly injured or wounded veterans to participate in adaptive sports and recreation programs (including travel, attendant-care and registration expenses); support 33 adaptive sports tournaments around the country; and support 5 adaptive sports instructional clinics."

It's a great and easy opportunity to help those that have given their all. Take a moment and help them out.
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Michael Spinelli said...

It took a bit of time, but I just voted!

Mike S