Friday, January 28, 2011

Bulk Ammo

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Hello fellow shooters and sportsmen!

Bulk Ammo and The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

Just a quick plug for my friends at who hooked me up with a very, very good deal on ammo for my Colt Gov't Combat 45. I bought a thousand rounds a few years ago, and I have burned my way through it, and a couple dozen boxes of PMC that I have bought here and there.

I finally decided that I needed to buy some bulk 45 ACP Ammo. After some diligent searching,I found and went to, and placed an order for some 230gr Lawman, a quality product from the good folks at Speers.

Bulk Ammo and The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
I wasn't aware that Speer put out their own ammo, but as you know their bullets are excellant and I'm sure the ammo will be as good as any other out there. I will be doing a review on the ammo itself, but that will ahve to wait until I get home and can make some range time.

They have a lot of in stock 45 ACP ammo, and if Speer isn't your cup of tea, they have another dozen manufacturers and loads to choose from. They also have rifle and shotgun ammunition in box to crate quantities.

If you're looking for a good deal on ammo, ammo that's in stock, and quality ammo, Check out what has available. You won't be disappointed!

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CJ Williams said...

Thanks for the tip Albert. I was just looking through my ammo stash and thinking how pitiful it has gotten, so I'll need to be ordering soon. Lots of places have just stupid prices so I'm glad to get a lead on some potentially good deals. Remember the days when 45 ACP was like $8 a box? I'm either getting really old, or ammo prices have just gotten out of control! Anyway, thanks. BTW check out this plug:

Anonymous said...

How do you think they would if I asked about .243 rounds?

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