Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shanks and Shivs of Afghanistan

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The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles™
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Just a sample of the knives I've confiscated from the local nationals:

From left to right: The two on the far left are made of a decent spring steel which takes a very good edge. They make really good belly openers , but they'll make even better Black Powder / Muzzleloader patch knives once I get them home.

The next two are forged knives of an undetermined steel, sharp enough to cut bread, but in their current condition more likely to poke an eye out.

The pocket knives are actually pretty good, the blades close to what you might find on an inexpensive folder back home. The fit and finish leave something to be desired, but they are sharp enough to cut you deep.

I havn't saved any of the innumerable sheet metal knives I've confiscated, but I will collect a few to take pictures of them to share with you in the future.

And sorry about the poor quality photography. I'm hobbled by shooting under flourescent light and an inexpensive pocket camera and no photo manipulating program!

Best Regards,
Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
In Afghanistan


John G said...

Those folders are pretty interesting. I like the triangle shield on the top left one, it even appears to be pinned on. Thanks for posting the photo!

A buddy brought back a knife for me that's a bit more decorative. I'm sure it's made from leaf springs, shell casings, and detergent bottles, but I admire the ingenuity that goes into such construction. Plus, it's a decent little blade that will take a nice edge.

Albert Quackenbush said...

As a big fan of knives and collecting them I am digging your post and the photo. I like the fact that the photo is as raw as it can get. The grainy look really gives you a feel for the knives. I'll bet you have seen some odd and interesting blades over there besides just these. Such character in them.

Ian Nance said...

You have a promising future working security at the airports!!!


Stay safe over there