Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Knives of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan Home Made Knives

Here are a couple more pictures for you all:

Knives confiscated over the last two weeks

You will notice that the majority of the knives are small, cheap kitchen knives.

The Sheet Metal Collection by Akhbar Hussein Malik Jafhar

The sheetmetal knives are common throughout any area adjacent to any of the bases. They are sharp enough to cut bread and meat, though sticking is definately not a forte.


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Hunt Like You're Hungry said...


Those are some nifty looking knives. What do you guys do with the confiscated ones?


Bion said...

Why are "we" confiscating knives? Where and why? These knives aren't even weapons. I would think the country would begin to hate us by now, if this is what we are doing. I damn sure would if another country tried disarming me, hell, I will keep my guns and knives, even if my own country decides they want them. They can take them if they want them bad enough, but it will cost them something in the bargain.

Albert A Rasch said...


The majority of them get destroyed. The ones I have kept are either unique in their own way, or like the larger ones of a decent steel that could be put to better use.


No offense amigo, but I don't want any of them to have anything remotely dangerous to my hide on them while they're on my base. It's bad enough that the ANA (Afhan Nationla Army) and the ANAF (Afghan National Air Force) have real guns, to say nothing of the Ford Rangers they drive around (AKA Unguided Rolling Bombs).

That they hate us is a given. I frequently wonder what their thoughts are when we walk around like we own the place, which in some ways we do. I sure as hell wouldn't tolerate it, so I can't imagune they much like it either.

And don't worry, we pay the price each and every day. The American Flag at half staff reminds me of that almost every day.


Wolfy said...

I was looking through that pile for any Benchmade or AlMar's.

Nope - nada

Stay safe Albert

Albert A Rasch said...

No such luck Wolfy!

BTW you can always tell when I am tired by the number of misspellings in my comments! That last one wasa doozy for words mangled up!