Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Chuitna Watershed Massive Open Pit Mine

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Go to Hodgeman's Thoughts on The Great Outdoors and read the following post. While you're at it, follow his blog, as all of his posts are excellent!

An Alaskan Debacle...

"What the proposal calls for is the complete removal of the Chuitna watershed in one massive open pit mine. Not only will the Chuitna all but be consumed, it will alter the water table level for a region of some 30 square miles- or about the actual size of a medium US city. And to add insult to the injury they include in the proposal that they will remediate the entire area back to its original condition. That's akin (as one of my friends wrote in an op-ed piece) to disassembling a 6 layer wedding cake, moving it to another room and reassembling it...with a single spoon."

My friends, I wish I had the energy to write about this some more. Putting up HESCO Barriers all day has got me whipped! But for the time being please follow the links on Hodge's post and voice your opinion!

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